Welcome to 2015

crushedOn January 1st I wasn’t sure what to do about new years resolutions so I thought about it for awhile and I came up with some great resolutions but since it is already past the 10th of January I decided to save them for 2016.

As late in the year as it is I have decided I will make one resolution for 2015 and that is to stay away from anyone who is “crushing it” or who used the expression.

I don’t want to seem older than I am by using expressions that were popular for about 30 seconds back in 2009. Besides I have a big enough vocabulary and am creative enough so that I can easily think up new phrases that will cover the same territory. Yes I am almost magical that way.

Have a great year and don’t crush anything because everything worth crushing was crushed long ago by your competitors who are better than you are and probably always will be.

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