Danger! we have a national association!

leaderThose saintly real estate agents who are better than the rest of us and who are waiting for the second coming so that they can be carried away to heaven are doing the happy dance as they continue preaching.

The NAR had a report made called the danger report. It is just what the media needed to put more gasoline on the “real estate agents are lazy, stupid and crooked fire”. It was mentioned on the web site of one major newspaper and I am sure we will see it on some more.

I would like to see a report and on the most dangerous and stupid things the walkerNAR has done starting with selling our Realtor domain name all the way up to attempts to institutionalize age discrimination.

They just keep sticking it to us while reminding us of the mortgage interest tax deduction because of course that is the only reason any of us have work in the first place.

The staff here at the weenie is working on a danger report of our own. Stay tuned . . .

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