Please die

It is sad but the average age of Realtors is creeping up. It is a true fact that old people can not handle modern technology except for pacemakers and insulin pumps and some can still drive a car.

old2Once a person gets beyond a certain age they are no longer able to learn new things which means that a huge percentage of Realtors and of the general public may be stuck in the late 1900’s.

There must be some way to get rid of old Realtors. Maybe they can be recycled. It might be better just to push us off a cliff. Old Realtors are taking up space and breathing valuable oxygen that should be used by the snake people.  Why do people have to live so long?

I believe that we can and should lead by example which is why I volunteer to quit selling real estate and retire early if people will send me enough money so that I can pay my bills and  travel for at least two months out of each year for the next 30 years or so.

I promise I’ll stop using young people technology and I’ll try to forget all the things I have learned in a lifetime of working. I’ll keep the wisdom to myself because like me it is obsolete and useless.

Please send the checks to my business address.

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