Woman surprised by list

FNM_070110-FC-Hot-Dogs-003_s4x3_leadSome women seem to feel as though they have not succeeded in business unless a man tells them they have.

Some women complain because they do not see many women on the lists of top leaders and influencers  that various companies create to promote their own companies. Apparently they just don’t understand that lists that are created by a group of mostly older white men are going to have the names of mostly older white men on them.

What really confuses me is why women want to be on the lists that are of mostly white men but they do. They want to be like those men. I don’t get that at all. When offered the chance to be on a list created by women they are not interested. It is as if they are saying that they will not be a true leader or influencer until a man tells them they are.

That probably won’t stop me from promoting my real estate weenie web site by creating a list which I think I will call “The absolute best, amazing and truly influential broads I know” The list will be open to men of course.

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