It is still OK to ignore email

IMG_1114w_wmThere was a time not all that long ago when it was alright to block spam or just ignore it.

These days people actually expect answers from the unwanted emails they send asking me to buy something or if I accept guest posts or if I want to give them money.

I get follow-up emails asking if I got the previous emails and asking for a response. The strategy must work but I think it sucks.

Some folks even seem to think it is rude if I don’t respond to unwanted email. I still think it is rude to send unwanted email.

If I don’t answer your email please take it personally and stop sending it. I am not buying into the idea that I have to be “nice” about unwanted emails. I don’t think it is nice to send them.


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3 Responses to It is still OK to ignore email

  1. Joe Sheehan says:

    Now GET OFF MY LAWN! 😎

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