Everything is working better

Nice to be back on this blog of mass disruption cleverly disguised as a hot dog stand.

These days just about everything from virtual tours to open houses where the Realtor uses a special app on his iPad are working better than ever. I know this because homes are selling faster than ever.

Homes that are being marketed with video are selling faster and even homes that are not being marketed at all are selling. Heck I have even sold a couple that were not for sale.

We are experiencing one of the strongest sellers markets ever. There are plenty of buyers in fact there are more buyers than there are sellers.

I often wonder if new technology and the use of technology is causing homes to sell faster and for more money or if the sellers market is caused by high buyer demand and fewer people wanting to sell, and  the sellers market is helping the products that are supposed to help us sell homes faster and for more money.

Some of the products that were designed to sell homes faster or to attract buyer leads that did not work in 2009 may work now. Back during the crash is was hard to give houses away. Today all it takes in a “coming soon” sign and the house goes under contract.

The fact that everything is working better is good news and it probably won’t stop agents from spending gobs of money on products that help houses sell or on buyer leads.

I think I read somewhere that more money is spent on each buyer lead than buyers spend on houses each year. 🙂

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