Come to my company if you already have a family

It is great to be back on this blog of mass disruption, cleverly disguised as a hot dog stand.

I am busy but no busier than usual so I can’t really offer up any excuse for not writing other than the fact that my mind has been too occupied. It is hard to clear out space for the important stuff like the real estate industry.

Recently I read some marketing materials that a large team of REALTORS is using for recruiting more agents. What I read was all about “joining the family”. The team isn’t just recruiting agents but family members.

It sounds a little mafia and on top of it a lot of people already have families. My own experience with families is that they are pretty expensive and I can not afford to be a part of another one.

Maybe I would be more enthusiastic about joining another family if I could just leave my own, but I don’t think I can do that. Who wants to start all over? What if they are more dysfunctional than my current family? What if they require more from me?

In general I would rather have agents join my company who already have families and maybe even like their families.

I just hope that I can find people who like their own family better than a family made up of real estate agents.

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