Thought leader fatigue

I have been thinking about thought leaders lately. I know I should let someone lead me through my thinking but I am too much of free spirit.

My thoughts have been about how people become thought leaders and how little they actually contribute to the industry and in some cases to their employers or to society. It seems like such a waste of words, 1’s and 0’s and even oxygen.

There are people who endorse or condemn products that they themselves will never use and that they don’t really understand because that is what thought leaders sometimes do. It isn’t like a person has to have a certain kind of experience or amount of experience or any credentials at all to become an expert.

Thought leaders are getting easier and easier to ignore.

Sometimes I wish I could still eat hot dogs. I guess I can but I won’t because like thought leaders they are not good for me and they usually have enough salt in them to raise my blood pressure.

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