A higher standard of lying and spreading lies

REALTORS are held to a higher standard but apparently the standard is low enough so that REALTORS can spread lies and misinformation on Facebook and anywhere else they choose.

They can share medical information about cures for viruses that have been disproven and that are sometimes dangerous and sometimes banned from social media sites.

I have seen some downright dangerous information shared among REALTORS who belong to groups that support some extreme conspiracy theories.

They call themselves devout Christians and at the same time, they express their hatred for large groups of people who do not share their political beliefs.

They accuse public figures or all sorts of crimes against children up to and including eating them.

There are times when I have to ask myself if I really want to remain a member of the National Association of Realtors along with a bunch of conspiracy theorists who spread lies?

Is it alright to spread misinformation about a deadly pandemic? How is this alright? Where is the higher standard?

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The world of the clueless

I have been working on building and strengthening my filters. Lately, I have successfully blocked my natural urge to be openly critical of some organizations that are whiter and more male than the KKK as they write about becoming more diverse.

It has been hard and at times it is almost painful to watch these good ole boys working on their new cause. They are going about it all wrong but it isn’t my place to comment. That is why I am beefing up my filters so that I can read the new stuff in the spew stream until they all go back to being the white men who are in charge of everything and continue to exclude anyone who isn’t like them.


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People behaving badly

If you sell real estate or are part of the real estate industry now is the time to wring your hands and work hard to come up with the blandest most neutral statement that you can about “difficult times” and “uncertain times”

Obsess over making a statement that is just right. This isn’t the time to show emotion.

Go ahead and refer to peaceful protests as riots and call protesters looters. Focus on agitators who are taking advantage of civil unrest but don’t use the term “civil unrest” the phrase is very bad for home sales.

Go ahead and remind everyone that all lives matter and that you don’t see color.

Do not under any circumstances take a stand on anything or raise your voice or march in a peaceful protest. Do not take a stand. This will pass and until it does you can perfect your virtual tours and tweak your drip campaign.

It is always safe to Quote Martin Luther King.

Don’t get involved in what is going on all over the country. Stay away because black lives do not matter enough to risk losing business over.

Believe that things will go back to the way they were and until then keep your head down. Stay in your happy place watching those webinars on how to dominate your market and remember TIK TOK is just for real estate.

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Essential or not?

There are so many great topics to write about on the blog of mass destruction cleverly disguised as a hot dog stand during this year of the apocalypse.

Governors from coast to coast have asked residents to stay at home. People in essential jobs or services are allowed to continue working. In several states, real estate services are considered essential.

The people who are finding housing for those who do not have it or who are assisting people who were in the process of buying or selling a home before the apocalypse hit are providing essential services.

Some real estate services may be essential but not all real estate agents are essential. Right now there are a lot of non-essential REALTORS doing a lot of marketing. They want the world to know that real estate services are essential and somehow that makes them essential too.

As their friends and neighbors face layoffs they are proudly proclaiming their essentialness.

Consumers will need to learn the difference between the essential agents and the mostly useless agents who would be doing us all a favor by staying home.

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Please talk down to me

Interesting times since COVID-19 stay at home orders are keeping most of us at home. It is clear to me that there are many who do not recognize disruption when they see it. This is disruption.

We in the real estate industry are being bombarded with advertising. I had no idea that so many real estate agents are new to working from home offices. I think I understand some of the issues.  Working in a real estate office would be a big challenge for me and there would be an adjustment period but if I had to do it I would manage somehow.

Working with clients that I never meet in person isn’t new to me. Most of them have no interest in using ZOOM but I do have it and have used it on occasion.  It will be replaced with something better, which will be replaced with something else any day now.

My sympathies to those who can not work without video conferencing that they don’t know how to use. For those who do know how to use it, and have to use it I can’t imagine how exhausting it must be to ZOOM all day. I know you are super busy and that isn’t a humblebrag.

There are vendors and others who seem to believe that this is the time for me to re-learn the real estate business and that when this is all over life will be grand.   I think they should take this time to rethink their own business strategies if they want to survive the recession after the apocalypse.

The marketing advice, in particular, has been off-key. People keep saying we are in uncharted territory yet they want to promote the same tired marketing with the words “covid-19” and “uncertain times” added.

I can’t think of anything less appealing right now than the “back to the basics” that marketers and others are trying to cram down my throat.

I resent the assumption that I need to go back to anything or that there are basics I have forgotten of that I don’t practice.

I definitely don’t want to spend what could be the last few days or weeks of my life working on my business.

For me, the basics have changed.  They are about making the perfect loaf of bread without all of the ingredients or how to make each roll of toilet paper last longer.

One use of any extra time I may have during this apocalypse is to beef up my spam filters and unfollow tone-deaf marketers and stop reading condescending Facebook pages and real estate news articles.

This is a great time to cull out the noise and start thinking about how to get through each day and what comes next and I am not thinking just about my real estate businesses.

If you survive the apocalypse and go back to business as usual good for you. If you want to go back to the good old days good for you.  If you don’t rest assured even though you believe you are essential there are many with similar businesses who are happy to take your place.

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start seeing the 70%

I have an interesting fact that I want to share. Did you know that 70% of REALTOR members who sell real estate are women?

Somehow this fact is drowned by the noise that male real estate salespeople make. When you think of real estate sales think of women.

Even though men are pictured more often in advertising, it is just advertising, which isn’t the same as sales.

When you want to get it sold call a woman. Start seeing the women who sell real estate.

When I tell consumers that there are more women working in real estate sales than there are men they express surprise. Please help spread the word.

Start seeing women real estate salespeople.

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I know who I am, who R you?

It is wonderful to be able to take a few moments to write on this hot dog stand.

Today I received an email from the NAR with an advertisement for REALTORS. The campaign is entitled “That’s who we ®”

After watching the ad a couple of times it occurred to me that is isn’t who we ® but maybe who someone thinks we should be. The REALTOR in the ad is a young man. I have been a REALTOR for over 18 years and like most REALTORS I have never been a young man.

In fact, I was over 40 when I joined. I brought with me a wealth of business, customer service, and sales experience that I gained from my brilliant career in software development.

The typical REALTOR according to NAR data is a woman in her 50’s. Why was the REALTOR featured in the ad a young man? In 2019 33 percent were over 60 years old, and 67% were and probably still are female. That is who we really are but apparently that doesn’t make good ad copy.

As a REALTOR I am proud of who I am and I wish that NAR could see my value. I know that people who work in advertising don’t like the idea of old women but trust me when I say we are here to stay.

Young men in suits in all skin tones are often used to represent a group that is composed of mostly white older women. Who we “R” is one thing and what we advertise is another which I guess is the whole point of the ads in the first place.

The first time home buyers he is showing around are the stereotypical young white couple consisting of a male and a female.

When I look at the magazine that shows new construction and other advertising for housing I always see pictures of white couples or white couples with children or occasionally darker-skinned couples or couples with grey hair.

Maybe the people who make those ads don’t want to consider that same-sex couples buy homes and single people buy homes.

People of color can own homes too. I know that homeownership is lower among people of color so maybe that is why NAR doesn’t want to picture people of color as first time home buyers? Shouldn’t all people believe that they can own a home and that a REALTOR will help them?

The ads don’t show who we really “®”. I guess I am not sure what they show or if they will attract younger members to a profession that has always attracted older workers.

I am going to work on a series of ads of my own about who we are. I can publish them right here on the weenie.

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