Crime and punishment

I can see why some real estate agents are confused. It seems like a terrible crime to change some dates in an MLS.

What could be worse than someone buying a home that was on the MLS for much longer than they thought it was?

In most, if not all states manipulating data in an MLS is not a crime.

Breaking MLS rules usually hurts the MLS and real estate agents. It is nice when we can police our own without committing a crime.

Trying to extort money from someone for manipulating MLS data is a crime.

If you have ever been threatened or bullied you will agree that bullies are not funny or edgy. They are mean and sick. Sometimes they make up stories about people and threaten to expose things about them that are not even true. That is what bullies do.

Bullying and threatening others is wrong. There are no circumstances that make it right. There shouldn’t be any confusion.

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