letters are for the best and brightest

Those who are really involved know their letters and by that, I mean three or four letters that stand for something.

Often the three letters that are important have several meanings. It would be nice if the alphabet had more letters.

In the MLS world (Multiple listing service not Major League Soccer or Master of Library Science) CDP means “Common Data Platform” not:

Customer Data Platform

Carbon Disclosure Project

Center for Domestic Preparedness (FEMA)

Center for Developmental Psychiatry.

Civil Design Professionals.

I could add several more to the list.

The next time you are in a meeting show everyone how smart you are by using letters instead of words.

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YPN members are too old

I was in the room when YPN was announced. What is YPN? In this context, it stands for “Young Professionals Network” Over the years it has expanded and there are NAR YPN committees.

For some reason though YPN members are aging. They are not aging well and some look ridiculous.  As they get older and older there is a need for a new network.  I propose that NAR start the “Junior” YPN network to attract more people who are under 50.  It can be called YPN.JR.

Members can be trained for leadership and new committees can be formed. People in the older YPN group are simply too old to understand cryptocurrency and blockchain. Only younger people really “get it”.

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I don’t want your job

I have to write something here on the weenie for women’s history month.

I know that there are women who want a job with a big company. They want a job that this called “leadership”.  Big companies tend to have a lot of levels because levels and hierarchy are important to the patriarchy.

Please don’t assume that everyone who works in real estate wants one of those “leadership” jobs or that they want to be on one of those lists of people who have jobs in the hierarchy.

The idea that women need to be leaders in the patriarchy was invented so that companies have a carrot to dangle to get women to work harder. I have known many women who have worked very hard to get into the hierarchy of the patriarchy.

Good for them! As for me, I don’t want your job. Don’t assume that every woman who works in real estate has the goal of being in the hierarchy.

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Let the airport stories fly!

During the pandemic, I haven’t been attending in-person conferences or lectures, or classes.

I really miss the airport stories.  The little lessons they hold and about that one time when this that and the other thing happened while I was at the airport.

Sometimes there are hotel stories too and maybe even an uber or taxi story.

The speaker prances or bounces onto the stage wearing sneakers, jeans, and maybe a suit jacket but definitely not a tie. He, it is most often a he, regales us with what happened on the way to the conference.

Later on, he will captivate us with an engaging story about that one time at an exotic location he learned this important lesson from a driver or a barista.

He is everywhere and nowhere as so much of his life is spent in between someplace and someplace else. He is our guide and our guru, and when he isn’t in transit he is sharing the lessons he has learned while he travels from speaking engagement to speaking engagement.

How the F____ck did we make it for two years without the travel stories and the lessons that we can learn from them?

A picture I took that one time on my way to _____

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The truth about rock stars

We hear about those rock star real estate agents. The truth is real rock stars do not sell real estate they buy it.

You will know you are a true rock star when you don’t have to sell real estate to make ends meet.

You will know you have made it in real estate when it is your day job and you don’t have to sing to make ends meet.


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Just a silly observation

I know, I know! I have neglected this site this year. That isn’t the only thing I have neglected but this isn’t about me.

Have you ever noticed that the people who provide the most advice to real estate agents and real estate companies are people who don’t have to use the advice themselves?

What I am getting at is the advice and the ideas look nice and pretty in the article for real estate agents about the #_____ things they need to do to be successful but the truth is the writer or speaker has never tried the ideas and never will.

They get paid to convince you that their ideas are valuable and never have to actually implement or execute the #______must do things for real estate agents.

Next time you see advice about tweaking your TikTok strategy remember that TikTok is just for real estate but don’t count on it being around forever and don’t expect it to deliver home sales to your business.

There is just as much money to be made from bad advice as there is from good advice and no one is ever asked to prove that their idea works.

It is far easier to spew advice than it is to actually use the advice to make money.  Much like the weenie in the picture the advice isn’t full of natural ingredients or healthy.

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It doesn’t take a genius to find a real estate agent

It doesn’t take any effort these days to find a real estate agent. There are pictures and phone numbers of agents on bus benches and for-sale signs. Google will call up a zillion agents and there are more agents than there are homes for sale.

Yet apparently there are people who need help finding a real estate agent.  These people become leads and real estate agents pay to work with them.

I am not sure how to say this but anyone who can not find a real estate agent probably isn’t someone I should be working with. I would feel as though I were taking advantage of them somehow.

As for anyone who has “an overflow” of home sellers he/she/they are definitely in the wrong line of work and could be making some serious coin working with all of those people. . . . but maybe they have chosen not to because these people can not even find a real estate agent.

I do feel for the leads who have been captured and who do not have what it takes to escape and maybe find a real estate agent. This could be part of the reason for the shortage of homes for sale.

Looking for real estate agents

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