Wonderful new product

I recently downloaded an app for real estate that is supposed to be amazing. It was promoted for months before it was launched. It was supposed to solve a few business challenges.

The people who make it and those who support our use of it give it rave reviews.

I wish they would understand that the product is kind of OK but not wonderful.

Just because the people who make an app say it is wonderful doesn’t make it so. I have seen numerous examples over the years of various companies trying to cram products down our throats by insisting that their products are wonderful or that we need them.

Most of the time it seems to work which is why there are so many crappy products for real estate professionals.

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Women need their own list

It makes sense to create a separate list for women when listing the most powerful in the real estate industry.

The system is fair to men because they don’t have to compete with women, if they did they would probably lose.

The system isn’t quite as fair to women, but since the system was created by men and men are the deciders it makes total sense that it favors men and their accomplishments.

The separate list is also a kind of throwback to an earlier time when there were women’s jobs and men’s jobs. Not much has changed.


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Maybe it is time for a free webinar

We all know people who are looking for work after being laid off. Some of those folks have been telling those of us in real estate that we need to stand out from the competition if we want business.

In fact, they have spent years telling us how to win clients.

Most have never been real estate agents but they know they would be good at it which is why they gave us all so many tips.  You would think they would just become real estate agents. It only takes a few weeks to get a license and they could start right away and take advantage of the spring real estate market.

I am considering putting all of those tips they gave real estate agents together and creating a webinar to help those who have been laid off stand out so that they can get hired.

They will learn how to use AI to write their resumes and how to sit in a car and record a video. They will learn how to TIKTOK and YouTube and how to Instagram their way to wealth.

People who have been employed for a long time may have forgotten how to look for work even though they are well versed in giving the rest of us advice.

Most real estate agents look for work every day and can probably give the newly unemployed some tips.

A free webinar is needed and I will create one as soon as I can figure out how to make money from it.


Webinar by Nick Youngson CC BY-SA 3.0 Pix4free

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Power and layoffs

You won’t see commentary like this anywhere else. It says a lot about me that I would dare to comment and even question the greatness of industry icons but enough about me.

On behalf of the hundreds or maybe even thousands at this point who have been recently laid off.

I just want to say that I am sorry that you had to see your former boss’s smiling face and name on a list of people who are tops in the industry. It sucks to be you.



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Real estate predictions for 2023

I don’t think I have ever put my predictions for the new year in writing but after reading predictions written by real estate experts I figured I could do it too.

Predictions for 2023

  1. At least 3 major real estate conferences or events held between October first and February 28th will be disrupted because of severe weather.
  2. The federal reserve will keep raising rates until we are in a recession. Wealthy investors are standing by and ready to profit just like they did during the housing market crash.
  3. Several more well-known people in the real estate space will be laid off. Younger people will take their place.
  4. A couple of competing companies will devise ways to buy more houses and sell them off by the square foot to multiple owners, thus enabling more people to buy less real estate while spending more money than ever before.
  5. All pictures of women on the internet will look like comic book heroes with enhanced breasts and slender waists because the creators of AI technology are men who like comic books and like their women who look a certain way.
  6. AI writing will be used on several real estate news sites and no one will notice. The real estate weenie will be written by a human.
  7. Technology and real estate experts will take over a start-up and develop a useful product for the industry. (nah, just wishful thinking, it can’t happen)
  8. Home sales will be way down in 2023, yet a record number of real estate agents will claim that 2023 was their best year ever!

NYC – random hot dog stand

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A slowdown in the housing market is such a wonderful thing

Yes, it is the most wonderful time of the year and this year is special because the housing market has slowed and it is even possible there may be a recession in 2023.

Is there anything better than a slowing market? I don’t think so.  A recession would be just perfect right now. Yay!

People who sell real estate will really thrive . . apparently.  There isn’t anything to be concerned about. A contracting market is a wonderful opportunity. We should all look forward to the opportunity to thrive.

The real estate cheerleaders don’t have to sell real estate or manage or own a real estate company. Like cheerleaders in sports, they don’t play they cheer. Apparently, they get paid for it too. Rah!

Go Team Go!

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Oh wise man please give me advice

Real estate agents will be looking for advice and strategies to navigate today’s real estate market. To put it another way, home sales are declining and some agents are worried.

Fear not. There is tons of advice out there. Agents can even get advice from people who were real estate agents for four or five years 14 or 15 years ago.

Why not? Those are the people who were smart enough to get a job during the housing market crash. Now they are the oracles of real estate ready to talk real estate agents through the coming housing market apocalypse.

It is now and has always been far easier to give advice on how to succeed as a real estate agent than it is to succeed as a real estate agent.

We can all look forward to tons of advice in the next several months. Watch for the missives with platitudes about attitudes too.

Most advice will be free and it will be worth at least that much.

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