It is a seller market stupid

random bananas not related to post

random bananas not related to post

It is nice to be back on the weenie. I was telling a friend last night, well if I am honest about it, I was telling my only friend that the real estate weenie represents my male side that I need to express that more often but not in a crude locker room or groping kind of way.

In many housing markets across the country we are in a sellers market and have been for a couple of years. During a sellers market homes sell fast and prices go up. Buyers struggle to get offers in fast enough.

Multiple offers are common and some houses sell for more than the list price. As a result selling a house is just different right now than it was in say 2008.

Yet for some reason these companies keep popping up and they offer real estate agents all of these amazing ways to sell homes quickly. Selling a home quickly doesn’t present much of a challenge if the home is priced correctly. Finding homes to sell and helping buyer’s buy is the tough part of our jobs these days.

Yes your product will work well during a seller’s market but it is going to totally suck during the next buyer’s market.  Good luck and have a nice life.

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Prestigious award

awardsI don’t mean to brag but just about every year I get selected for a special award and am contacted by phone and by email and congratulated.

The award is prestigious but usually one that I have never heard of.  I am not much of an award person to begin with. It probably has to do with the whole thing about not exactly caring what anyone thinks about me good or bad.

I am sure that I’ll win next year too.


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The revolution

revolutionI know it isn’t nice to make fun of the NAR but someone has to.

“Leading the revolution” is the slogan for the 2017 NAR leadership. Honestly nothing says mainstream real estate industry like NAR and it’s unwieldy, structure of more than 100 committees and assorted work groups. A structure that can not be changed or updated apparently but can be added onto.


What is a revolution?


Simple Definition of revolution

  • : the usually violent attempt by many people to end the rule of one government and start a new one

  • : a sudden, extreme, or complete change in the way people live, work, etc.

  • : the action of moving around something in a path that is similar to a circle

Does NAR intend to over throw the government? Revolution is a strong word. Are all of these leaders going to get fired up and storm the Bastille with armies of NAR members? I can imagine leadership moving around in a path similar to a circle. Maybe that is what they mean by revolution.

A more likely revolution would be from a rag tag bunch of real estate agents who decided to overthrow the status quo and build something new.

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Woman surprised by list

FNM_070110-FC-Hot-Dogs-003_s4x3_leadSome women seem to feel as though they have not succeeded in business unless a man tells them they have.

Some women complain because they do not see many women on the lists of top leaders and influencers  that various companies create to promote their own companies. Apparently they just don’t understand that lists that are created by a group of mostly older white men are going to have the names of mostly older white men on them.

What really confuses me is why women want to be on the lists that are of mostly white men but they do. They want to be like those men. I don’t get that at all. When offered the chance to be on a list created by women they are not interested. It is as if they are saying that they will not be a true leader or influencer until a man tells them they are.

That probably won’t stop me from promoting my real estate weenie web site by creating a list which I think I will call “The absolute best, amazing and truly influential broads I know” The list will be open to men of course.

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New app just for Realtors

It has been awhile since I have been able to report on a new app that has been created just for REALTORS. Yup you guessed it PokemonGo. If you missed the SnapChat craze which is soooo last month, unless you have a lot of clients who are age 18-34,  it isn’t too late to be ahead of the curve with the new PokemonGo app.

Use PokemonGo to generate leads. If you don’t know how to do it just go to Facebook where there are experts standing by to help. Soon there will be webinars designed to  help you with your PokemonGo strategy.

If you are not sure what I am talking about you probably should not be a real estate agent.  Have a nice day.


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Thought leaders

portable hot dog standYou might be a thought leader but you are probably not a thought leader if your boss is telling you what your opinion is.

Having thought leader in a job title is nice but that doesn’t make you a thought leader but it is alright because anyone can call himself a thought leader.

Having thoughts and being a leader might make you a thought leader even if no one calls you a thought leader but you might want to ask your boss just in case.

That is all I got, which is why I am not a thought leader.

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It is O.K. for NAR to discriminate against women

votesOver the years I have occasionally expressed my disgust over the fact that the majority of NAR members are women but the Majority of the leadership are men. The percentages are not even the same. Membership is over 60% female but leadership is like 80% male.

Most of the top employees of NAR at least when it comes to pay and title are also men and it has been that way for like ever.

On the surface this sounds bad but according to some NAR leaders and NAR employees who have defended the NAR, it really is O.K and even if it were not O.K it can’t be changed. If it could be changed we would have started to see changes in the 1970’s

Ten reasons why women are under represented in leadership roles at the NAR and why it is O.K.:
1. Change takes a long time and is a slow process and NAR has only been around since 1908.
2. NAR even discriminates against men sometimes, even old white men.
3. Women need to get more involved and stop complaining about the lack or women in leadership roles. Women who advocate for women become a “thorn” in someones side and no one wants to have a thorn around.
4. There are groups of people who have it much harder in life than women have it. What about them?
5. The only way the system can change is to work within the system but we don’t have any openings. Please keep trying every year. Get more involved in your local association too.
6. There are other organizations in other industries where men fill most of the top positions. Some are as bad as NAR is. (I would like to see proof)
7. We need to focus our resources on getting more young people involved because they are the future and they get it.
8. NAR has been preserving the Mortgage Interest Tax deduction and without it fewer people would want to own homes and that would hurt real estate agents.
9. Speaking out against the NAR can hurt homeownership and other members. It is best to keep quiet about institutionalized discrimination, especially if nothing can be done about it.
10. It isn’t the fault of NAR that they discriminate against women. It isn’t by design or on purpose.

Each and every one of these was told to me by a male leader or employee of the NAR. I get it boys and yes I will keep paying my dues. For some strange reason I have to be a member of the national association just so I can belong to the local MLS. That rule must have been made up by a man.


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