cat poop

Early on I used to believe that poverty would cut my real estate career short. I have had my ups and downs over the years and in general I am having more fun and making more money that I would have made it I had spent the last 15 years in a traditional job.

Yesterday I showed a house where part of the basement had been used for as a litter box for cats. I could smell it from the back door and I saw it in the crawl space. Somehow I made it out of the house without losing my lunch.

It is possible that cat poop will one day end my career.


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100% paperless


This was written way back in 2014 but I think it is still relevant today.

I keep reading about “paperless agents” and I wanted to shed a little light on what that is all about. 

Today’s modern real estate agents are made of the following ingredients:

Almost 99% of the mass of the average agents body is made up of six elements: oxygen, carbonhydrogen, nitrogen, calcium, and phosphorus. Only about 0.85% is composed of another five elements: potassium, sulfur, sodium, chlorine, and magnesium.

Most agents are no longer made of paper or paper by-products, hence the term “paperless agent”. Our company can guarantee that all of our agents are paper free and made of only natural ingredients with no added chemicals and that they are all organically grown.

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Robots: Realtors will never replace you!

I am not sure if robots worry but if they do I would like them to know that real estate agents are not a threat.  No agent can ever replace a robot. Robots can be designed to calculate commissions faster than humans and they can be programmed to give wonderful listing presentations. Robots can also record what clients are saying and do as they are told.

Robots do not need to sleep and can be available 24 X 7 which gives them a huge advantage in working with buyers. Real estate agents sometimes sleep, eat and even take entire days off and their timing really sucks. While an agent is sleeping that perfect home that came on the market while a home buyer was working working will be sold to another buyer who has an agent who sleeps until noon and is up all night.

With the right programming robots will always be honest and will act in the best interests of their clients and can be programed to follow the  Realtor Code of Ethics.

Robots really do not need to worry about being replaced by real estate agents.

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No one will die

I saw an advertisement about how to” avoid 6 deadly lead generation mistakes”. Seriously. “Deadly lead generation mistakes.”

Calm down people. If you make a mistake while attempting to generate leads no one is going to die. . . . OK I suppose it could happen.  If an agent flies a plane with a banner advertising his business in an attempt to generate leads and the plane crashes, that could be deadly.  . . so don’t do that.

Maybe an agent who hosts an event that involves food could accidentally kill someone with a tree nut allergy with peanut butter cookies.

What if an agent went door knocking and accidentally knocked so hard that the door fell down and crushed the home owner?

OK I am wrong this time. Lead generation can be deadly. Never mind. Be careful out there.

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Desperately seeking a 4 star agent

I am looking for a four-star real estate agent. Why am I looking for a four-star agent? Because I truly believe the four-star agent will work harder because he or she has not yet reached perfection and they may also be more malleable. They are rare and unique in a world filled with five-star agents, they stand out, like a white  unicorn  in a heard of zebras.

The four star agent remains elusive but I know there is one out there somewhere, after all, it isn’t like I am looking for a three-star agent, or a one-star agent.

I don’t have to look far to find a four-star novel or movie or hotel, or even a four-star restaurant.  In fact four-star businesses, services and products are a mainstay in my household. Where have all the four-star agents gone?

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We don’t know what we don’t know

Hot dog stand

Hiring a consultant to “grow your business” has become a thing in real estate. First off when ever I read or hear “grow your business” I think of my uncle, the one who sold Amway. He was always working on “building his downline” so he could become wealthy.

My uncle never got rich but he always had something to do and some place to go and enjoyed talking about the business.

There are some challenges in recruiting agents. They want to work in a company that is run pretty much or exactly like the company they are in now, yet they want something different. I am something different. I am an experience. I am not a franchise.

I am also finding that the experts  that I could hire to help me achieve greatness specialize in helping a real estate company to become just like every other company of a similar size right down to how the web sites look, and they think inside the box and that isn’t creative enough for someone like me who has a blog called the real estate weenie.

If I really wanted to be just like everyone else there are certainly plenty of opportunities to do so. I probably couldn’t pull it off but that doesn’t bother me.

There are many ways to achieve mediocrity. I don’t think I have to spend more money or hire anyone to show me the way. I may not know what I don’t know but am confident in my ability to be like everyone else if I try hard enough and want it bad enough. If I choose mediocrity I can do it all on my own.

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The geniuses speak out against “bad agents”

Toilet – flushing out “bad” agents

This is an annual thing. There are a couple of really smart guys who do not sell real estate or own a real estate company, or even work in one but who are in one of the many cottage industries that make up the real estate industry.

They observe that there are some real estate agents who are incompetent and a few who are crooked too. They opine about how the problem can be solved as they warn us that we had better shape up.

These same brilliant people will be back next year with the same observations and next year there will be just as many incompetent and crooked agents as there were last year and every year.

As for these agents we don’t know how many there are or even exactly what they are doing or not doing that is wrong. We do know that none of the agents that we know are those agents. (If you followed me this far congratulations!)

As for the geniuses it makes them look smart to point out big horrible problems that they are not responsible for fixing.


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