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This blog was quite accidental.  It started it’s life as a joke, and escaped on the interent in March of 2007.  It caused quite a stir.   It is meant to be humor or maybe it is sarcasm and occasionally I get a comment from a reader who doesn’t understand.  What you need to understand is that this is a blog of mass destruction cleverly disguised as a hot dog stand.

This is the first Post on march 12, 2007, and we won the coveted Cheeze wiz award on March 14th.  The real estate blog world (AKA “RE.Net”) works like the rest of the world.  There are people and politics.

Here is a history of what is knows at the re.net (A History of the Re.net)

The First Post on The Real Estate Weenie:

292883069_327048607c_m The real estate weenie is on a mission, to seek out bad advice for real estate professionals and consumers.  With the proliferation of real estate blogs it is getting harder to ignore the weenies, and it is time to recognize them for what they are.  They are taking over the internet and now is the time to fight back.

There will be weenie awards, a weenie roll and a weekly carnival of crud, in an attempt to recognize the worst of the worst and acknowledge the just plain stupid.  With 8,744 real estate related blogs out there, we just know some of them have to be bad.

Disclaimer – The opinions expressed on this blog are my own.  I take full responsibility for all content on this blog including posts written by others.  This blog is not affiliated with any real estate company. It is not used in any way to market properties or real estate services.  No part of this blog may be reprinted or distributed without my permission.

About the Blogs author:
Teresa Boardman – The author of St. Paul Real Estate Blog, StPaulPhotos.com and a few more. I can be reached at teresa(at)tboardman.com or 651-216-4603

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