I am for sale

Yes it is true I am for sale.

Give me money and I’ll recommend your product.

Pay for my travel, and accommodations and a ticket to the next really great conference and I will give your products rave reviews. I can be very convincing. I will do cart wheels and sing if you can get me out of here in January when it is really cold.

For a decent salary, health insurance, and travel on the company dollar I will promote your product 25 hours a day 400 days of the year.  I will wear your logo on all of my clothes including my underwear and put it on my sheets too. I will sing your praises and insist that any real estate agent that wants to survive and even thrive needs to use your product.

My beliefs and preferences are for sale, buy them before someone else does.

 I am also for rent . . .

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  3. Greg Fischer says:

    I think you could make a TV show.

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