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Desperately seeking a 4 star agent

Where have all the four-star agents gone?

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50 over 50, 100 under 100, or OPN?

Should it be 50 over 50 or 100 under 100 or OPN? I am not sure it matters as long as old Realtors unite and band together and form a social club where we can meet and talk about our … Continue reading

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Why the re-run?

I Have no idea why I decided to re-run this old post from July of 2012 . . . I have always been an independent free thinking kind of gal.  I have never liked being told what my opinions are and I … Continue reading

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Learning from the best

It is important to learn from the best which is why I just treated myself to a video on how to get the most out of open houses.  The presenter has never done an open house but apparently has somehow … Continue reading

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Who says real estate is local?

Real estate heroes Rob Hahn and Nobu Hata will be flying into the saintly city in October to teach us about trends in the real estate industry. Mr. Hahn with his vast experience as a consultant to real estate companies … Continue reading

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Advertising in the toilet

Welcome to the real estate weenie my blog of mass destruction cleverly disguised as a hot dog stand.  I have been thinking about real estate marketing.  I just love how people draw conclusions about where and how to advertise. An … Continue reading

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A new way for agents to buy stuff

I am in the process of setting up a web site that will have a listing of everyone who sells products or services to the real estate industry.  Agents have told me that they need a better way to find … Continue reading

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