Desperately seeking a 4 star agent

I am looking for a four-star real estate agent. Why am I looking for a four-star agent? Because I truly believe the four-star agent will work harder because he or she has not yet reached perfection and they may also be more malleable. They are rare and unique in a world filled with five-star agents, they stand out, like a white  unicorn  in a heard of zebras.

The four star agent remains elusive but I know there is one out there somewhere, after all, it isn’t like I am looking for a three-star agent, or a one-star agent.

I don’t have to look far to find a four-star novel or movie or hotel, or even a four-star restaurant.  In fact four-star businesses, services and products are a mainstay in my household. Where have all the four-star agents gone?

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