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No one will die

I saw an advertisement about how to” avoid 6 deadly lead generation mistakes”. Seriously. “Deadly lead generation mistakes.” Calm down people. If you make a mistake while attempting to generate leads no one is going to die. . . . … Continue reading

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Desperately seeking a 4 star agent

I am looking for a four-star real estate agent. Why am I looking for a four-star agent? Because I truly believe the four-star agent will work harder because he or she has not yet reached perfection and they may also … Continue reading

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We don’t know what we don’t know

Hiring a consultant to “grow your business” has become a thing in real estate. First off when ever I read or hear “grow your business” I think of my uncle, the one who sold Amway. He was always working on … Continue reading

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The geniuses speak out against “bad agents”

This is an annual thing. There are a couple of really smart guys who do not sell real estate or own a real estate company, or even work in one but who are in one of the many cottage industries … Continue reading

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Everything is working better

Nice to be back on this blog of mass disruption cleverly disguised as a hot dog stand. These days just about everything from virtual tours to open houses where the Realtor uses a special app on his iPad are working … Continue reading

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Influencer lists

If I were to develop my own guidelines for who I would want to honor on a list of industry influencers this is what they would look like: Influencers would have to be human beings, not machines, groups or organizations. … Continue reading

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Moving my business

  I am considering moving my business to Canada, or possibly Mexico. I will consider staying in the U.S. if the government gives me a million dollars. I would like the million dollars in cash. Preferably large bills. In addition … Continue reading

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