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KW doesn’t care

My personal information including my social security number may have been compromised because it was in Keller Williams system and there was a breach. They sent me three letters to my home, I have it in writing with a number … Continue reading

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Come to my company if you already have a family

It is great to be back on this blog of mass disruption, cleverly disguised as a hot dog stand. I am busy but no busier than usual so I can’t really offer up any excuse for not writing other than … Continue reading

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you don’t own me

You don’t own me and I’ll continue to wear the same wrist watch I have worn for 17 years no matter how unpopular watches become for future generations of home buyers and sellers. Why? You don’t own me I’m not … Continue reading

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Where can I review companies that create review systems?

After an exhaustive search on the internet I am unable to find reviews or ratings for companies that specialize in providing systems for agent reviews and ratings. I have found a few testimonials here and there. You know those old school … Continue reading

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A new man in charge at the NAR

The man isn’t really new. He looks like he has been around for awhile. NAR has always had a male CEO and it always will.  Nothing new here.  Pretty not at all exciting. wheeeeee!  

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Help at last!

After years of  selling real estate, using social media and having my own profitable real estate company a person who is just out of college has reached out to me and wants to help me build my business. She is a … Continue reading

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cat poop

Early on I used to believe that poverty would cut my real estate career short. I have had my ups and downs over the years and in general I am having more fun and making more money that I would … Continue reading

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