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When leaders hide

Sometimes when there is a crisis in an organization the leaders of the organization go silent. They are hiding hoping that everything will blow over but sometimes it doesn’t blow over. Some will be told that they can not say … Continue reading

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Silence can be deafening

Silence can be deafening. The “leaders” who are silent right now are speaking volumes. Leadership isn’t just about enjoying the good times and taking a bow when all goes well. Sometimes leadership involves dealing with some ugly stuff. Are you … Continue reading

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Squat, scrunch and look small

This is for the powerful and amazing women in real estate. Sometimes powerful women get together and when they do we find photographic evidence of the get-together on social media. There are some poses women will use in photographs to … Continue reading

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Brand confusion

The most recent data about National Association of Realtor members says that 62% are female and that the median age is 60. 81% of motorcycle owners are male, and the median age of a motorcycle owner is 50. Soooooo.  . … Continue reading

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Where us my Threads webinar?

As I write this on my blog cleverly disguised as a hot dog stand, “Threads” has been available to real estate pros for 24 hours. The new app is sort of like Twitter I am told. I am not using … Continue reading

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It did not take long for the AI gurus to start preaching

This year kind of reminds me of 2007 or 2008. There were “influencers” preaching about social media and how to use it to get rich. Experts took to the stage and taught us all how to expand businesses by using … Continue reading

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ChatGPT is just for real estate

It is true. ChatGPT is the new QR code. Well, it isn’t anything like a QR code but real estate professionals are flocking to it and looking for ways to integrate it into their business just like they did with … Continue reading

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