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Oh wise man please give me advice

Real estate agents will be looking for advice and strategies to navigate today’s real estate market. To put it another way, home sales are declining and some agents are worried. Fear not. There is tons of advice out there. Agents … Continue reading

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What is excellence?

Before I go down this path I need to admit that I did the C2EX thing. The letters and number stand for “commitment to excellence”. It is a program for Realtors. I went through the program and got the certificate. … Continue reading

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Woman in residence

I just came up with an idea that I think the real estate industry could use, particularly the technology companies, assorted MLS’s and companies that provide technical programs and services to the real estate industry. They should have a “Woman … Continue reading

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Everyone who matters

I read about an event that I wasn’t able to attend. One of the attendees wrote about his experiences and stated that “everyone who matters” was there. I also read that some attendees were “find human beings”. It isn’t hard … Continue reading

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letters are for the best and brightest

Those who are really involved know their letters and by that, I mean three or four letters that stand for something. Often the three letters that are important have several meanings. It would be nice if the alphabet had more … Continue reading

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YPN members are too old

I was in the room when YPN was announced. What is YPN? In this context, it stands for “Young Professionals Network” Over the years it has expanded and there are NAR YPN committees. For some reason though YPN members are … Continue reading

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I don’t want your job

I have to write something here on the weenie for women’s history month. I know that there are women who want a job with a big company. They want a job that this called “leadership”.  Big companies tend to have … Continue reading

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