I am a human, not a brand

Yes, I am indeed a human.

I am not a brand. My face belongs to me, not to any brand.

We live in a culture that is all about money yet I am not all about money.  My face isn’t about money either.

There isn’t anything authentic about a person who is a brand and who hides behind a brand.

Sometimes I attend social events to interact with others. It isn’t about prospecting and it isn’t about money. Relationships are not about ROI.

Being a brand must be exhausting.

Being myself comes naturally.

Looking back over my checkered career I realize that I have spent way too much of my life working. Far too much time thinking about work. An enormous amount of time that I can never get back trying to be the kind of person that people might want to work with.

I am not a brand. I don’t want to be a brand and I don’t want a personal brand. I don’t have to be a brand and you can’t make me. I am better than a brand. I am a person.

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