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It did not take long for the AI gurus to start preaching

This year kind of reminds me of 2007 or 2008. There were “influencers” preaching about social media and how to use it to get rich. Experts took to the stage and taught us all how to expand businesses by using … Continue reading

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letters are for the best and brightest

Those who are really involved know their letters and by that, I mean three or four letters that stand for something. Often the three letters that are important have several meanings. It would be nice if the alphabet had more … Continue reading

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Let the airport stories fly!

During the pandemic, I haven’t been attending in-person conferences or lectures, or classes. I really miss the airport stories.  The little lessons they hold and about that one time when this that and the other thing happened while I was … Continue reading

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You might be a troll

Recently in a real estate facebook group, I ran into a troll who probably doesn’t even realize he is trolling. He is a drama addict and when there isn’t any drama around him or what he stands for he trolls … Continue reading

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Prestigious award

I don’t mean to brag but just about every year I get selected for a special award and am contacted by phone and by email and congratulated. The award is prestigious but usually one that I have never heard of. … Continue reading

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I was wrong

It wasn’t educational or entertaining.

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Having values is a wonderful thing as long as they are good values and not bad values. It is even better when others in your company share your values or at least pay lip service to them when you are … Continue reading

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