Let the airport stories fly!

During the pandemic, I haven’t been attending in-person conferences or lectures, or classes.

I really miss the airport stories.  The little lessons they hold and about that one time when this that and the other thing happened while I was at the airport.

Sometimes there are hotel stories too and maybe even an uber or taxi story.

The speaker prances or bounces onto the stage wearing sneakers, jeans, and maybe a suit jacket but definitely not a tie. He, it is most often a he, regales us with what happened on the way to the conference.

Later on, he will captivate us with an engaging story about that one time at an exotic location he learned this important lesson from a driver or a barista.

He is everywhere and nowhere as so much of his life is spent in between someplace and someplace else. He is our guide and our guru, and when he isn’t in transit he is sharing the lessons he has learned while he travels from speaking engagement to speaking engagement.

How the F____ck did we make it for two years without the travel stories and the lessons that we can learn from them?

A picture I took that one time on my way to _____

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