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You articulate your value

Every time I read an article about how real estate agents need to articulate their value in order to survive post proposed settlement, I know that the author does not have a clue what it has been like to be … Continue reading

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What is excellence?

Before I go down this path I need to admit that I did the C2EX thing. The letters and number stand for “commitment to excellence”. It is a program for Realtors. I went through the program and got the certificate. … Continue reading

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Just a silly observation

I know, I know! I have neglected this site this year. That isn’t the only thing I have neglected but this isn’t about me. Have you ever noticed that the people who provide the most advice to real estate agents … Continue reading

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I know who I am, who R you?

It is wonderful to be able to take a few moments to write on this hot dog stand. Today I received an email from the NAR with an advertisement for REALTORS. The campaign is entitled “That’s who we ®” After … Continue reading

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Past its use by date

There are oh so many smart and clever people in the real estate space. There are so many who have just enough experience and or knowledge with technology to be dangerous. Today as I was surfing around and reading some … Continue reading

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nope! is a violation of proper usage

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Asking all of the wrong questions

These days I don’t have much time to write on this blog of mass destruction cleverly disguised as a hot dog stand, but sometimes weenie type blog posts just kind of fall into my lap, and I just can not ignore … Continue reading

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