Just a silly observation

I know, I know! I have neglected this site this year. That isn’t the only thing I have neglected but this isn’t about me.

Have you ever noticed that the people who provide the most advice to real estate agents and real estate companies are people who don’t have to use the advice themselves?

What I am getting at is the advice and the ideas look nice and pretty in the article for real estate agents about the #_____ things they need to do to be successful but the truth is the writer or speaker has never tried the ideas and never will.

They get paid to convince you that their ideas are valuable and never have to actually implement or execute the #______must do things for real estate agents.

Next time you see advice about tweaking your TikTok strategy remember that TikTok is just for real estate but don’t count on it being around forever and don’t expect it to deliver home sales to your business.

There is just as much money to be made from bad advice as there is from good advice and no one is ever asked to prove that their idea works.

It is far easier to spew advice than it is to actually use the advice to make money.  Much like the weenie in the picture the advice isn’t full of natural ingredients or healthy.

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