It doesn’t take a genius to find a real estate agent

It doesn’t take any effort these days to find a real estate agent. There are pictures and phone numbers of agents on bus benches and for-sale signs. Google will call up a zillion agents and there are more agents than there are homes for sale.

Yet apparently there are people who need help finding a real estate agent.  These people become leads and real estate agents pay to work with them.

I am not sure how to say this but anyone who can not find a real estate agent probably isn’t someone I should be working with. I would feel as though I were taking advantage of them somehow.

As for anyone who has “an overflow” of home sellers he/she/they are definitely in the wrong line of work and could be making some serious coin working with all of those people. . . . but maybe they have chosen not to because these people can not even find a real estate agent.

I do feel for the leads who have been captured and who do not have what it takes to escape and maybe find a real estate agent. This could be part of the reason for the shortage of homes for sale.

Looking for real estate agents

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