There is only one worthy cause

If you are a Realtor you know that it is the thousands of people who are serving on the hundreds of NAR committees that are really making a difference in this world.

Before there were NAR committees we didn’t even have smartphones or the internet. If not for NAR committees we wouldn’t even have toaster waffles. That is a true fact.

Committees and meetings make the world a better place, yet there are people who insist on doing other volunteer work in their communities. Instead of giving money for lobbying efforts they turn around and donate money to local food shelves.

Those who work to find a cure for cancer, or look to end world hunger are not making a contribution to mankind that is as important as being a Realtor® on a NAR committee.

As for fighting global warming and trying to save the planet may be, NAR could form a committee to solve the problem.

We all know that nothing gets done until we assemble at least a hundred people and have a meeting.




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