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it has been awhile . .

Yes I know I have not been writing much lately. I don’t want anyone to think it is because there isn’t anything left to make fun of in the real estate industry. Actually, the opposite is true. There is so much … Continue reading

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Time for a new logo

It is time for a new logo even though this site has never really had a logo. Nothing says “I have changed” like a new logo. I don’t have a staff so I can not reorganize and there isn’t anyone … Continue reading

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Where have all the sales people gone?

There are so few houses on the market I can’t help but question the sales ability of real estate agents. More people need to be convinced that now is the best time to sell.

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You don’t need to be a man to run a company

Real estate industry news is mostly men’s news. Sometimes it is about who is running what and who got promoted. Men fill most of the top level positions in the huge real estate companies and of course, NAR has always had … Continue reading

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We need better sales people

I somehow landed on a video for real estate agents. It featured a couple of guys dressed in guy type clothing. They were talking in a casual guy type way like a couple of regular guys. Neither sells real estate … Continue reading

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At last the bar has been raised!

A couple of weeks ago I was on Facebook and thought I would check on the “Raise the Bar in real estate” group. I couldn’t find the group. I consulted with a friend who is not a member of the … Continue reading

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My prediction for 2018

The housing market will end in 2018

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