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Becoming a teenager

The RealEsateWeenie will be 13 years old in 2020.  As I look back so many of the people I used to make fun of have vanished. Maybe they retired or got jobs outside of the real estate industry. A few … Continue reading

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You might be a troll

Recently in a real estate facebook group, I ran into a troll who probably doesn’t even realize he is trolling. He is a drama addict and when there isn’t any drama around him or what he stands for he trolls … Continue reading

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How to end racism

If we wanted to end racism we should just start calling people racist. I can’t think of anything worse than being called a racist. Even the most racist people I know don’t like being called racist. People are sometimes called … Continue reading

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MLS rules victimize the wealthy

When the new rule goes into effect and real estate agents are required to put homes for sale in the MLS the people who will be hurt the most by the new rule are wealthy. Some wealthy people do not … Continue reading

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Sometimes experts are wrong

As social media sites come and go and rise and fall in popularity please remember that the experts who recommend the social media strategies probably get paid to recommend stuff. Experts have to recommend stuff. I am no expert . … Continue reading

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Driving while creating video

There are levels of stupid. People can be kind of stupid or very stupid and there is a lot of room in-between. I made my own scale with people who create a video while driving that features themselves talking while … Continue reading

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Thought leader fatigue

I have been thinking about thought leaders lately. I know I should let someone lead me through my thinking but I am too much of free spirit. My thoughts have been about how people become thought leaders and how little … Continue reading

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