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Let the airport stories fly!

During the pandemic, I haven’t been attending in-person conferences or lectures, or classes. I really miss the airport stories.  The little lessons they hold and about that one time when this that and the other thing happened while I was … Continue reading

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The truth about rock stars

We hear about those rock star real estate agents. The truth is real rock stars do not sell real estate they buy it. You will know you are a true rock star when you don’t have to sell real estate … Continue reading

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Just a silly observation

I know, I know! I have neglected this site this year. That isn’t the only thing I have neglected but this isn’t about me. Have you ever noticed that the people who provide the most advice to real estate agents … Continue reading

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It doesn’t take a genius to find a real estate agent

It doesn’t take any effort these days to find a real estate agent. There are pictures and phone numbers of agents on bus benches and for-sale signs. Google will call up a zillion agents and there are more agents than … Continue reading

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There is only one worthy cause

If you are a Realtor you know that it is the thousands of people who are serving on the hundreds of NAR committees that are really making a difference in this world. Before there were NAR committees we didn’t even … Continue reading

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2021 high tech

Being a high-tech kind of person in the real estate industry is pretty easy these days. Use apps on your phone for most everything, own an iPhone, and use social media. The big differentiator between a high-tech real estate professional … Continue reading

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Making History and then re-writing it.

 The history of has been re-written. Doesn’t matter though. Anyone can re-write history. There is no, and there never was.  

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