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53% less

Here we are at the weenie. It is spring and I am busy as $$#@!! yet I write. I haven’t gotten on the Clubhouse bandwagon. I have been an early adapter in just about everything except Clubhouse. Yes, I have … Continue reading

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Cronyism helps keep real estate white and male

Cronyism the practice of appointing friends or associates to positions or otherwise showing them favor due to having a relationship with them. Cronyism can be found in any industry and in politics too. Many of us were taught from a young … Continue reading

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Clubhouse is just for real estate

By now everyone has heard of Clubhouse, the latest social media platform that is just for real estate pros. If you are not using it yet it is because it is by invitation only and no one has invited you. … Continue reading

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A higher standard of lying and spreading lies

REALTORS are held to a higher standard but apparently the standard is low enough so that REALTORS can spread lies and misinformation on Facebook and anywhere else they choose. They can share medical information about cures for viruses that have … Continue reading

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The world of the clueless

I have been working on building and strengthening my filters. Lately, I have successfully blocked my natural urge to be openly critical of some organizations that are whiter and more male than the KKK as they write about becoming more … Continue reading

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People behaving badly

If you sell real estate or are part of the real estate industry now is the time to wring your hands and work hard to come up with the blandest most neutral statement that you can about “difficult times” and … Continue reading

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Essential or not?

There are so many great topics to write about on the blog of mass destruction cleverly disguised as a hot dog stand during this year of the apocalypse. Governors from coast to coast have asked residents to stay at home. … Continue reading

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