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Good Friday and Passover

I invented a word yesterday.  “Marketunity™” Marketunity™ is what holidays are for because they are an opportunity to market. Days that were once for religious observance are Marketunities™.  Christmas and Easter are the obvious examples. I wonder what kind of … Continue reading

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A mission of exclusion

I was reading (yes I read) a mission statement for YPN (young professionals network) a group within NAR. I think the group started because someone decided young people are better than old people and that more of them should be … Continue reading

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A few thousand people are in the wrong positions

After all these years I think I have the NAR problem solved. When a member complains about the organization or makes suggestions on how it can be improved members who are NAR volunteers and on committees dismiss the comment and … Continue reading

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The men are in charge

One of the great things about the real estate industry is the way we embrace our white male leadership. In some industries, people act as if they are ashamed of it and try to change it or de-emphasize it. The … Continue reading

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Real estate weenie name change

Welcome to 2019. I have decided that this site needs a name change and re-branding. The name “Real Estate Weenie” is too masculine. I am considering “Real Estate Vagina” as a new name or “Real Estate Uterus”  The vagina gets … Continue reading

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Crime and punishment

I can see why some real estate agents are confused. It seems like a terrible crime to change some dates in an MLS. What could be worse than someone buying a home that was on the MLS for much longer … Continue reading

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Finally we are seeing some diversity

Welcome to this blog of mass destruction cleverly disguised as a hot dog stand. For a time it seemed like there wasn’t much diversity among the movers, shakers, and disrupters in the real estate industry. After all these years that seems … Continue reading

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