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When writers, write the news

I recently read a couple of articles on a real estate news site that had some information in them that wasn’t exactly true. In one case persons following the advice in the article could end up in jail but only … Continue reading

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Wonderful new product

I recently downloaded an app for real estate that is supposed to be amazing. It was promoted for months before it was launched. It was supposed to solve a few business challenges. The people who make it and those who … Continue reading

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Women need their own list

It makes sense to create a separate list for women when listing the most powerful in the real estate industry. The system is fair to men because they don’t have to compete with women, if they did they would probably … Continue reading

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Maybe it is time for a free webinar

We all know people who are looking for work after being laid off. Some of those folks have been telling those of us in real estate that we need to stand out from the competition if we want business. In … Continue reading

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Power and layoffs

You won’t see commentary like this anywhere else. It says a lot about me that I would dare to comment and even question the greatness of industry icons but enough about me. On behalf of the hundreds or maybe even … Continue reading

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Real estate predictions for 2023

I don’t think I have ever put my predictions for the new year in writing but after reading predictions written by real estate experts I figured I could do it too. Predictions for 2023 At least 3 major real estate … Continue reading

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A slowdown in the housing market is such a wonderful thing

Yes, it is the most wonderful time of the year and this year is special because the housing market has slowed and it is even possible there may be a recession in 2023. Is there anything better than a slowing … Continue reading

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