Squat, scrunch and look small

This is for the powerful and amazing women in real estate.

Sometimes powerful women get together and when they do we find photographic evidence of the get-together on social media.

There are some poses women will use in photographs to appear smaller and thinner. Men don’t seem to do this but maybe they do and I just don’t know about it.

When a group of women get together and pose for a photograph and they all kind of hunch down and put one foot forward, bend their knees, and do all that they can to look small it can look like they have to pee and are trying to hold it in.

Please, ladies, you all look lovely. You don’t need to look small to be great. Stand tall, and go ahead and take up some space.  Don’t be afraid to show the world how powerful you are.

We don’t truly have power until we are able to let go of the notion that we have to be the thinnest person in the photo.

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