When leaders hide

Sometimes when there is a crisis in an organization the leaders of the organization go silent. They are hiding hoping that everything will blow over but sometimes it doesn’t blow over.

Some will be told that they can not say anything while others will be told what they can say.

They go about their extremely important duties as if nothing has happened.

They lurk on social media posts and news articles and will occasionally jump in and use the gaslighting techniques that they learned in leadership school.

If that doesn’t work then they may try blaming anyone who is pointing out that there is a crisis for the crisis. We call this deflection. Rather than taking responsibility for a problem people with weak leadership skills will blame someone else.

When an organization has thousands of hard-working skilled leaders who are doing the most important work that there is we wonder how and why they can ignore the biggest crisis facing the organization that they have dedicated so much of their time and effort to.

It turns out that the people we thought were leaders and those who call themselves leaders are not leaders at all.  If they were leaders we could hold them accountable or at the very least they would come out of hiding so that we can have a conversation.

Weenie awards to all!

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