Awards we will never see in the real estate industry

I like to think of this as the painful time of year when real estate agents and companies make claims of greatness and win awards.

There will be a diverse list of “top” people. The diversity is mostly in the style of a necktie or if they wear a tie at all.  There will be special categories for women because even though women dominate the real estate industry, we are not who the male deciders consider being “top”.

On the one hand real estate professionals like to paint a picture that they work hard and help people buy houses but the awards usually have to do with how much money an agent made or how many rich people he or she helped.

If I gave out the awards things would be different.

There would be an award for the agent who helped buyers use the most down payment assistance money.

The buyer’s agent who got the highest number of offers accepted that included FHA and VA financing.

An award for agents with the most diverse clientele and special awards for agents who help the rent trapped get out of the trap.

A prize for the real estate professionals and companies with the most first-generation home buyers.

Agents who made more than “X” amount while using less fossil fuel.

An extra special award to the woman who makes a decent living selling real estate while caring for children and elderly parents.

Nah the awards go to the folks who make the most money and are “all that and a bag of chips”. . . . and people wonder why the narrative is always about the real estate agent who does too little but makes too much.

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