NAR created home ownership

Some thoughts on homeownership. Because of the National Association of Realtors, many people prefer to live in homes and like to own them. The NAR has done an excellent job promoting home ownership.

Before the NAR most people did not care where they lived. In fact, at one point in North America, people lived in caves, huts, or tents.

NAR continues to promote homeownership even though there is a shortage of houses and they are far too expensive. The demand is too high and the supply is too low.

The NAR could help ease demand by promoting the idea that people do not need houses. They can and do live in tents and could live in caves or huts or in cars, vans or campers.

Homeownership was a wonderful idea back in its day but times have changed. Without NAR promoting home ownership, demand would go down and so would prices. Housing could be affordable again.

Merry Christmas. I am looking forward to sharing more stories like this in 2024. I hope you will stop by and read the weenie.

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