We don’t know what we don’t know

Hot dog stand

Hiring a consultant to “grow your business” has become a thing in real estate. First off when ever I read or hear “grow your business” I think of my uncle, the one who sold Amway. He was always working on “building his downline” so he could become wealthy.

My uncle never got rich but he always had something to do and some place to go and enjoyed talking about the business.

There are some challenges in recruiting agents. They want to work in a company that is run pretty much or exactly like the company they are in now, yet they want something different. I am something different. I am an experience. I am not a franchise.

I am also finding that the experts  that I could hire to help me achieve greatness specialize in helping a real estate company to become just like every other company of a similar size right down to how the web sites look, and they think inside the box and that isn’t creative enough for someone like me who has a blog called the real estate weenie.

If I really wanted to be just like everyone else there are certainly plenty of opportunities to do so. I probably couldn’t pull it off but that doesn’t bother me.

There are many ways to achieve mediocrity. I don’t think I have to spend more money or hire anyone to show me the way. I may not know what I don’t know but am confident in my ability to be like everyone else if I try hard enough and want it bad enough. If I choose mediocrity I can do it all on my own.

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