The geniuses speak out against “bad agents”

Toilet – flushing out “bad” agents

This is an annual thing. There are a couple of really smart guys who do not sell real estate or own a real estate company, or even work in one but who are in one of the many cottage industries that make up the real estate industry.

They observe that there are some real estate agents who are incompetent and a few who are crooked too. They opine about how the problem can be solved as they warn us that we had better shape up.

These same brilliant people will be back next year with the same observations and next year there will be just as many incompetent and crooked agents as there were last year and every year.

As for these agents we don’t know how many there are or even exactly what they are doing or not doing that is wrong. We do know that none of the agents that we know are those agents. (If you followed me this far congratulations!)

As for the geniuses it makes them look smart to point out big horrible problems that they are not responsible for fixing.


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