The perfect real estate company

Some of my friends have been following “my perfect family”.  I have a board on Pinterest and I leave some commentary in Facebook about my perfect family.  My life and my family are perfect and I am blessed to have so much and to be living the good life right down to the fresh flowers in the laundry room and our vacations where we dress in white and frolic on the beach.

It is time that I spread the wealth and start working on the perfect real estate company.  The most  perfect and  coolest  companies allow their employees to dress like they are getting ready to clean the garage and they have beer in the company fridge.  In Real estate we are held to a much higher standard which makes the job less cool but it has it’s moments.  After all it isn’t just a job it is a higher calling to be one of the few, the brave, the Realtors.

Young men in black

The perfect brokerage only serves coffee and all agents even though they are independent contractors must wear dark colored suits every day and sit at desks in opulent offices. Lots of glass and loads of art work in the perfect brokerage.

There is more to being the perfect agent or having the perfect brokerage than suits or coffee but both are a step in the right direction.

You may think virtual offices and working in collaboratives and coffee shops is cool and that real estate doesn’t happen in your office but you are wrong.  Real estate is about brands and culture and neither can happen unless everyone goes to the office even if it means less time with clients.    Without the brand and some culture, based on suits an coffee instead of beer and blue jeans there is nothing.

Even though it always ends badly for me when I get mixed up with companies and people with values a brokerage is only as good as it’s values.  I don’t see the harm in that as long as they are just on paper and not actually a way of doing business.   Values can cut into the bottom line and business can really get messed up when values are involved.

I will be writing more about my perfect real estate company, and I may even be starting one because that is only slightly harder than writing abou it.


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