The Last Talented Person in Arizona

I have been reading about the talent wars among the big players in the real estate industry.  We have gone backward and now big is the new big and small is for losers but that isn’t my point.

The sucking sounds you may have been hearing has been coming from the great state of Arizona where a couple of people that I never heard of way up here in Minnesota and one person I have heard of got hired by Zillow.  I learned about Zillow several years ago.  In fact Zillow started up the same year that the housing market started to crash . . probably a coincidence . . is there really such a thing as a coincidence? . . or did low zestimates cause property values to decline triggering the housing crash and the biggest recession in history?  I need to stay on topic here and besides no one can prove it one way or another.

Apparently this huge talent drain will rock the real estate industry and the nation for years to come.  It is possible that laws will be passed to prevent something like this from happening again because talent is being sucked out of Illinois too and sent to Colorado to work for Trulia.  Colorado already has the most talented people in real estate but apparently can make room for one more.

I would like to point out that there is still one talented person left in the real estate industry in Arizona and that is Jonathan Dalton.  He is also a real estate blogger which elevates him to the level of real estate deity.

Jonathan Dalton and Tobey

I plan on leaving Minnesota to be Jonathan’s agent and represent him and his little dog Tobey too in the talent war.   I have not yet asked Jonathan for the job but am confident that I will get it because anyone else who is talented enough to represent him already has a gig.  Jonathan is going to be hard to work with though because he has values but that could change after we spend some quality time together.

It isn’t too late to hire the most talented person in the real estate industry who has not yet accepted a position . . and of course his little dog Tobey too.


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11 Responses to The Last Talented Person in Arizona

  1. You’re absolutely freakin’ insane. And I adore you for it.

  2. Teresa Boardman says:

    🙂 right back at you.

  3. Melina Tomson says:

    What? Are you nuts. He’s really mean to me on Facebook. You think he’s this nice, decent guy with integrity, but really, I think he is one of those people that parks cars on his front lawn. ;-D

  4. Melina Tomson says:

    Oh…and everyone knows that Tobey is the real talent. Jonathan is just taking credit for Tobey’s real estate sales.

  5. oh great! This is all we needed…more fuel to fan his already enormous over-sized self-deluded ego! At least the dog’s cute!….

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