is $10 a Zestimate?

Zillow announced agent web sites for just $10 a month and they wrote and article about the ten things we don’t know about the web sites.  There are really only two things I want to know:

1.  Do the web sites run off the agents own domain name?  As in a domain name owned by the agent like “”

2.  Will the agents at Thompson Realty be taking advantage of these web sites?  . . you know you want to ask but you won’t and I will because I can .  . . . .

I hope $10 isn’t just a zestimate and that these sites solve all agent problems even those that arrise while working with  the big mindless money grubbing corporations who have us upload reams of paper into automated “systems” so that we have something to do while they are ignoring us.

Also see I am for sale



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  1. I’ve resisted the urge to purchase one.

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