Everything is working better

Nice to be back on this blog of mass disruption cleverly disguised as a hot dog stand.

These days just about everything from virtual tours to open houses where the Realtor uses a special app on his iPad are working better than ever. I know this because homes are selling faster than ever.

Homes that are being marketed with video are selling faster and even homes that are not being marketed at all are selling. Heck I have even sold a couple that were not for sale.

We are experiencing one of the strongest sellers markets ever. There are plenty of buyers in fact there are more buyers than there are sellers.

I often wonder if new technology and the use of technology is causing homes to sell faster and for more money or if the sellers market is caused by high buyer demand and fewer people wanting to sell, and  the sellers market is helping the products that are supposed to help us sell homes faster and for more money.

Some of the products that were designed to sell homes faster or to attract buyer leads that did not work in 2009 may work now. Back during the crash is was hard to give houses away. Today all it takes in a “coming soon” sign and the house goes under contract.

The fact that everything is working better is good news and it probably won’t stop agents from spending gobs of money on products that help houses sell or on buyer leads.

I think I read somewhere that more money is spent on each buyer lead than buyers spend on houses each year. 🙂

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Influencer lists

If I were to develop my own guidelines for who I would want to honor on a list of industry influencers this is what they would look like:images

  1. Influencers would have to be human beings, not machines, groups or organizations.
  2. People who are abusive to others would be ineligible for any list.
  3. People who do not like people would be excluded which is why I would never put myself on a list. I am not a bad person but I don’t always play well with others and that sets a bad example.
  4. People who work for large corporations would be excluded unless they were responsible for taking the company in a new direction.
  5. People who get paid to influence others wouldn’t make my list.
  6. I would reserve a few spots for non-traditional leaders. People without titles but with influence and are leaders because they have followers which isn’t the same as a job title.
  7. It would be very hard to stay on my list for years.

Keep in mind lists are for the list makers and the list makers get most of the benefit.  They gain power by being the source of the list not to mention all that extra traffic and chatter on the internet. The next list that comes out for the real estate industry will be a list of suites that I never heard of and people with no imagination.

OK maybe they have imaginations they just don’t use them in any way that makes them stand out from the rest of the men who are in charge of running just about everything on the planet. . . and wow! look at how they are running it. What a mess!

There may even be a special category on the next list just for women but probably not for old short women. No company is that progressive.

The people who make the list will be mostly white, many will be all white and they will look like the pictures in the business journal I used to subscribe to but canceled because it is really a mens magazine.

They probably make a lot of money but they are not part of my world and I don’t feel their influence or even realize they exist until I see the list which may be the only good reason for making a list.

When my daughter was in junior high I used to tell her that most people never mature beyond junior high and that she needed to learn how to cope with her ass hat class mates. I am reminded of this every time a list is published and drama ensues. Most people leave Junior High but a lot of the Junior High seems to stay inside for life.

Cheers! Happy New Year!

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Moving my business


uncle-sam-hatI am considering moving my business to Canada, or possibly Mexico. I will consider staying in the U.S. if the government gives me a million dollars. I would like the million dollars in cash. Preferably large bills. In addition a tax reduction would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you fellow tax payers and Uncle Sam.

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Greed and corruption


I never thought I would be writing something like this on the real estate weenie but I think we will all need to work extra hard to protect our brand because the angry orange man in the white house might be tarnishing it.

Real estate isn’t just about greed and corruption and not paying income taxes. It isn’t just about developments and building and not paying people for their work. It isn’t just about firing people or holding public office to enrich your own companies.

It isn’t always about doing bigly things in braggadocios ways either and living in golden rooms on the tops of high towers.

It is about doing the right thing, the ethical thing and the moral thing. It is about putting others first. Just as a reminder putting others first can mean making less money in some situations.

Many of us are honest business people and like most people who are not extremely wealthy we pay  taxes and pay for crappy and very expensive health insurance. We pay more than our fair share of income taxes and  more. Some of that money helps pay for the salaries and health insurance of the wealthy people in Washington DC who run this country.

Let’s protect our brand and make real estate great again.

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Old fat white men

peaceThis is my first post election post on the weenie. I have had a week to think about the election and when you get right down to it the country has been run by mostly old, over weight, wealthy white men since our founding fathers . . . who were old, wealthy, white men founded it. I am trying to put the election in context, and trying to calm down. What is there to be afraid of?

We do know for sure that about half of all eligible voters voted. We do not know how people voted, votes are private. It is safe to assume that exit poles are just as inaccurate as all of the other polls. No sense in creating facts out of inaccurate data and telling women that they mostly voted against themselves.

We should also take it as a good sign the the old white man got less than half of the popular vote. I am sure like all millionairs who inherited fortunes the Donald is in touch with the common man and understands the issues. We know he has touched the common woman.

Here on the weenie we do not endorse candidates but we are against serial liars, rampant xenophobes, racists, birthers and bullies who  pledge to ban all Muslims — 1.6 billion members of an entire religion — from entering the U.S

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A short eulogy for Vine

The article was originally published in February of 2013 under the title “Vine is just for Realtors”:

imgres“I have not even used the Vine app yet and am already tired of it.  The app is on my iPad and that is as far as I got.  from what I have seen Vine is just for real estate.

What makes vine different from other video apps?  The videos are mercifully short and it is about editing which up until now has not been done in the real estate industry.

Please don’t use Vine for business until you have attended at east one free webinar and have your Vine strategy in place.

I’ll write more about Vine once I become an expert probably sometime next week.”

Now I would like to ask for a few moments of silence. Twitter announced earlier this week that Vine will be discontinued.

It is a sad day for those who build their real estate empires around a Vine strategy and for those who made money from teaching others how to use Vine in their real estate business.

We must all say goodbye to Vine and put some of that energy into Snapchat and Pinterest strategies because at least one of them is where the future of the real estate industry lies. Just think of Vine as pre-3D video and as we all know video has been the future of the real estate industry since 2003 and will continue to be the next big thing for decades to come.

Products for the real estate industry come and go but each of them leaves a mark. . . . in some cases it is more like a stain . . .the important thing to remember is that there will always be the “next big thing” and  experts on how real estate agents should use it will in most cases make more money from it than the people who take their advice could ever hope to make. (I write like I talk which sucks but that is what happens on self publishing platforms like WordPress)

Buh Byeeeee Vine!


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It is still OK to ignore email

IMG_1114w_wmThere was a time not all that long ago when it was alright to block spam or just ignore it.

These days people actually expect answers from the unwanted emails they send asking me to buy something or if I accept guest posts or if I want to give them money.

I get follow-up emails asking if I got the previous emails and asking for a response. The strategy must work but I think it sucks.

Some folks even seem to think it is rude if I don’t respond to unwanted email. I still think it is rude to send unwanted email.

If I don’t answer your email please take it personally and stop sending it. I am not buying into the idea that I have to be “nice” about unwanted emails. I don’t think it is nice to send them.


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