Time for a new logo

It is time for a new logo even though this site has never really had a logo. Nothing says “I have changed” like a new logo. I don’t have a staff so I can not reorganize and there isn’t anyone I can fire or I would because that would be a sign of change and change is good.

Here is my new logo:

The logo represents hot dogs on a cube. It is a bit dated (it was created yesterday)  but can always be updated by going back to not having a logo.

The reason I have not written much lately is that I have been busy updating the logo. Now I’ll have to work on rolling it out which is going to be hard because it is a cube, not a ball.

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Where have all the sales people gone?

not for sale

Not for sale signs

There are so few houses on the market I can’t help but question the sales ability of real estate agents. More people need to be convinced that now is the best time to sell.

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You don’t need to be a man to run a company

Real estate industry news is mostly men’s news. Sometimes it is about who is running what and who got promoted. Men fill most of the top level positions in the huge real estate companies and of course, NAR has always had a male CEO and likely always will.

women working

There is some good news though. Women can run companies too. There is a little more to the process for us because we first have to start a company. Starting a company can actually be an advantage.

There isn’t any bureaucracy to deal with and there is plenty of room for outside the box thinking and acting too.

If you are a woman and you really want to run something start your own business. If you want to run for something that might work out too. You do not need to wait to be hired, promoted or appointed by a man. You don’t need man’s permission either.

Best of all you do not need any awards from men and you do not need to be on any of their lists to be successful.

Women who wait for an invitation usually end up waiting for an invitation. If we want to make the world a better place we need to take charge.

Let’s not forget that 2018 IS the year of the woman even though men are not calling it that.

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We need better sales people

I somehow landed on a video for real estate agents. It featured a couple of guys dressed in guy type clothing. They were talking in a casual guy type way like a couple of regular guys.

Neither sells real estate but they do sell stuff to people, probably regular guy type people who sell real estate.

They addressed the shortage of homes for sale and pointed out that now is a good time to sell and that real estate agents need to get out there and convince people to sell their homes.

I was actually concerned about the lack of houses on the market. Now I see that all we need to do is to talk more people into selling. If we all work just a little harder and if we get better at sales there will be more homes to sell.

I wonder why no one else thought of that? It seems like a great topic or a free webinar.

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At last the bar has been raised!

A couple of weeks ago I was on Facebook and thought I would check on the “Raise the Bar in real estate” group. I couldn’t find the group. I consulted with a friend who is not a member of the group but who watches it and she assured me they group is still there.

I have been blocked. That makes sense but it would be more effective if I knew just what it was that I was being punished for. Could it be my pro-resistance politics? I don’t discuss politics on Facebook, I save it for Twitter.

It is possible that the way I conduct myself is so far above the “raise the bar” crowd that they were embarrassed to have me participate? That could be why I am being blocked.

The group is public. I can see everything on the page if I log out of my Facebook account. If I log into my other Facebook account, the one that is under a name I made up, I am able to join the group, but I don’t want to join.

This is what the moderator has to say about being inclusive:


Geez, what a jerk! It isn’t like I am the first person to be blocked. I have to say though it is an interesting choice to make a group public and then block people you don’t like. It would make more sense to make the group private or hidden.

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My prediction for 2018

It is always fun to make predictions. I have just one prediction for real estate in 2018. My prediction is based on the assumption that NAR is correct and no one will want to buy homes if any of the tax advantages are taken away.

I predict that after the tax bill is passed the market will be flooded with homes for sale that no one will want to buy and home buying activity will end which will greatly hurt home sales.

That is correct and remember you read it here first. All home buying activity will end.

The end of home sales will trigger the demise of countless cottage industries and real estate related companies which will cause the unemployment rate to rise.

Pre-not for sale signs will be all the rage as real estate pros look for ways to turn a non-market into opportunity.

In a press release, NAR will state that this could have been avoided if members had responded to the close to 105 “call to action” emails they received predicting the end of home ownership for the middle class.

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KW doesn’t care

My personal information including my social security number may have been compromised because it was in Keller Williams system and there was a breach.

They sent me three letters to my home, I have it in writing with a number to call.  I have not done any work for Keller Williams since 2009.

I asked to have my information removed from their databases. No they will not remove me from their systems because they can’t do that and besides other companies keep information too. (. . .or so they say)

If you were ever a KW agent they may keep your social security number forever and there isn’t anything you can do about it. Anytime data is kept in a computer system a data breach is possible.

Even though Keller Williams admitted that they had my information and admitted unauthorized persons had access to it, they are now telling me they will not discuss their data policies, or if my information is even in the system.

That makes sense. Why would I have any right to know about my private information and if it is in a secure system? Why would KW care what happens to my data?

No Keller Williams you do not have my permission to keep my social security number, name, address or phone number. Please remove it from your systems.

Please don’t give your social security number to Keller Williams. They may keep it forever and if you have a problem they won’t even discuss it with you. If you fell for the whole KW values thing I guess they got you too.

Remember values are reflected in what an organization does, not in what they say and religion is skin deep but greed, corruption an incompetence go to the bone. Think about that during the KW family reunion prayer breakfast.

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