There is only one worthy cause

If you are a Realtor you know that it is the thousands of people who are serving on the hundreds of NAR committees that are really making a difference in this world.

Before there were NAR committees we didn’t even have smartphones or the internet. If not for NAR committees we wouldn’t even have toaster waffles. That is a true fact.

Committees and meetings make the world a better place, yet there are people who insist on doing other volunteer work in their communities. Instead of giving money for lobbying efforts they turn around and donate money to local food shelves.

Those who work to find a cure for cancer, or look to end world hunger are not making a contribution to mankind that is as important as being a Realtor® on a NAR committee.

As for fighting global warming and trying to save the planet may be, NAR could form a committee to solve the problem.

We all know that nothing gets done until we assemble at least a hundred people and have a meeting.




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2021 high tech

Being a high-tech kind of person in the real estate industry is pretty easy these days. Use apps on your phone for most everything, own an iPhone, and use social media.

The big differentiator between a high-tech real estate professional and everyone else is the real estate part.



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Making History and then re-writing it.

 The history of has been re-written.

Doesn’t matter though. Anyone can re-write history.

There is no, and there never was.


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News about diversity

The whole diversity thing is easier than I thought. I am noticing several companies using pictures of a young diverse group of people. The people in the picture don’t work for the company.

If they used a picture of people who actually work for the company it would look very different and there would be old people in it and a few people who are not very attractive.

It is much easier to have a picture of a diverse group of people than it is to actually hire them to work.

Companies can keep their current employees and hire more of the same, preferably relatives and friends of current employees, and look “inclusive” at the same time by using pictures of people who are not their employees.

I can’t even supply a picture with this post because such a group of people really doesn’t exist anywhere in nature or in workplaces.

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April 1, a long time ago

Many years ago, back when I had a sense of humor before life beat it out of me, I published an April fools day prank in 2007, here on the Weenie:


“InmanNews came forward with an offer to buy the Real estate Weenie, the bad blog disguised as a hot dog stand.  They have asked that the amount of the offer not be disclosed.  I can say that it is generous and that I plan to proceed.

The offer should not come as a surprise. Matt Carter of InmanNews has shown an interest in this hot dog stand almost from its humble beginnings as the joke that became a blog.”

Most of the people in the original article have moved onto something new and exciting and left me with a bunch of broken links in the original article.

After I published this Inman News got some phone calls from people who had questions and from people who offered their congratulations.

We have come a long way from the time that people would believe something just because it was published on the internet . . . . or have we?

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Slaughtering the sacred cow

Weenies have a variety of animal-based ingredients, even beef which makes writing about sacred cows on this blog of mass destruction cleverly disguised as a hotdog stand alright.

I went through the NAR C2EX (Commitment to Excellence) program and based on my twenty years of experience working as a real estate agent and broker I don’t think that C2EX endorsement is going to make anyone “excellent”, or even better.

There are 50K or so members to receive the C2EX endorsement including me. Some would argue that NAR did something, and we should just say that the problem of sub-par real estate agents has been solved and we should move on.

Here is a screenshot from the C2Ex program:

Kind of like a participation badge. There is a huge disconnect between what real estate salespeople actually do and what is in the C2EX course which is kind of like a junior high-level social studies class.

I think people can get involved in politics and attend public meetings and still lack excellence.

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53% less

Here we are at the weenie. It is spring and I am busy as $$#@!! yet I write.

I haven’t gotten on the Clubhouse bandwagon. I have been an early adapter in just about everything except Clubhouse. Yes, I have played around with “Tick Tock”, it makes me yawn but I can use it with my current phone.

Clubhouse isn’t aligned with my brand or my values for that matter. (I can’t believe I used “brand” and “aligned” in the same sentence but it appears that I just did). Clubhouse uses “exclusivity” and “scarcity” as a gimmick.

How many people have iPhones in the United States? Currently, there are more than 113 million iPhone users in the United States, accounting for about 47 percent of all smartphone users in the United States. (

I could probably get the app on my iPad and I have done that in the past when I have wanted to try an app that is only available for the iPhone.

If your business is using Clubhouse for marketing in some form or another you might be missing the majority of the smartphone users in the US.

The clubhouse is by invitation only. I know “exclusivity” is a marketing gimmick but it isn’t one I engage in during a time when being inclusive is the new black.

There have been a few recent real estate industry events I was somewhat interested in that require Clubhouse. I feel as though I have been issued an ultimatum. Use Clubhouse or be banished from the collective.

Nothing says “community” like hosting several events on an app that the 53% can’t get.

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