Come to my company if you already have a family

It is great to be back on this blog of mass disruption, cleverly disguised as a hot dog stand.

I am busy but no busier than usual so I can’t really offer up any excuse for not writing other than the fact that my mind has been too occupied. It is hard to clear out space for the important stuff like the real estate industry.

Recently I read some marketing materials that a large team of REALTORS is using for recruiting more agents. What I read was all about “joining the family”. The team isn’t just recruiting agents but family members.

It sounds a little mafia and on top of it a lot of people already have families. My own experience with families is that they are pretty expensive and I can not afford to be a part of another one.

Maybe I would be more enthusiastic about joining another family if I could just leave my own, but I don’t think I can do that. Who wants to start all over? What if they are more dysfunctional than my current family? What if they require more from me?

In general I would rather have agents join my company who already have families and maybe even like their families.

I just hope that I can find people who like their own family better than a family made up of real estate agents.

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you don’t own me

You don’t own me and I’ll continue to wear the same wrist watch I have worn for 17 years no matter how unpopular watches become for future generations of home buyers and sellers.


You don’t own me
I’m not just one of your many toys
You don’t own me
Don’t say I can’t go with other boys

And don’t tell me what to do
Don’t tell me what to say

I’ll know that NAR is changing when they start tapping into the talents of the 1.2 million members instead of ignoring us in favor of some of the non-member industry personalities.

Watch this space. 🙂

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Where can I review companies that create review systems?

After an exhaustive search on the internet I am unable to find reviews or ratings for companies that specialize in providing systems for agent reviews and ratings. I have found a few testimonials here and there. You know those old school testimonials that real estate agents used to get from clients before they became convinced that they needed reviews and five star ratings.

It just blows my mind. Maybe real estate agents are the only people who need to be rated and reviewed. Everyone else can just write about it. How do I know what kind of service I can get from a service provider if I can not find any reviews?

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A new man in charge at the NAR

The man isn’t really new. He looks like he has been around for awhile. NAR has always had a male CEO and it always will.  Nothing new here.  Pretty not at all exciting. wheeeeee!


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Help at last!

After years of  selling real estate, using social media and having my own profitable real estate company a person who is just out of college has reached out to me and wants to help me build my business.

She is a coach too and in addition to her college degree she has 3 years of hands on business experience.

If only she had been born 35 years sooner. She would have been a great help when I was just starting. She is here now and I am so lucky that she contacted me and has chosen to help me grow my business.

Help at last!

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cat poop

Early on I used to believe that poverty would cut my real estate career short. I have had my ups and downs over the years and in general I am having more fun and making more money that I would have made it I had spent the last 15 years in a traditional job.

Yesterday I showed a house where part of the basement had been used for as a litter box for cats. I could smell it from the back door and I saw it in the crawl space. Somehow I made it out of the house without losing my lunch.

It is possible that cat poop will one day end my career.


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100% paperless


This was written way back in 2014 but I think it is still relevant today.

I keep reading about “paperless agents” and I wanted to shed a little light on what that is all about. 

Today’s modern real estate agents are made of the following ingredients:

Almost 99% of the mass of the average agents body is made up of six elements: oxygen, carbonhydrogen, nitrogen, calcium, and phosphorus. Only about 0.85% is composed of another five elements: potassium, sulfur, sodium, chlorine, and magnesium.

Most agents are no longer made of paper or paper by-products, hence the term “paperless agent”. Our company can guarantee that all of our agents are paper free and made of only natural ingredients with no added chemicals and that they are all organically grown.

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