ChatGPT is just for real estate

It is true. ChatGPT is the new QR code. Well, it isn’t anything like a QR code but real estate professionals are flocking to it and looking for ways to integrate it into their business just like they did with the QR code.

ChatGPT is artificial intelligence. A real estate agent types in some instructions and the chatbot spews forth words. Sometimes walls of words.

Just what we need more real estate agent spew during this time when there are too many agents and so few home sales.

Trust me agents have plenty of time to write their own spew.

There are of course free and for-a-fee webinars on how to use ChatGPT taught by experts who have been playing with it for a few months now.

I skipped the class. I decided to use chatGPT for something useful. I asked it for instructions on how to crochet a winter scarf.

The pattern it created works. It uses a basic combination of stitches that has several names. It is sometimes called the “moss” stitch.  The instructions included the materials needed and a gauge (how many stitches per inch)

I’ll probably set up some kind of webinar about how to use chatGPT to create crochet patterns.

I am sure I could use artificial intelligence to create a post on this blog of mass destruction cleverly disguised as a hot dog stand but why would when I am blessed with an abundance of natural intelligence, loads of creativity, and an imagination that is endless?

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