I don’t want your job

I have to write something here on the weenie for women’s history month.

I know that there are women who want a job with a big company. They want a job that this called “leadership”.  Big companies tend to have a lot of levels because levels and hierarchy are important to the patriarchy.

Please don’t assume that everyone who works in real estate wants one of those “leadership” jobs or that they want to be on one of those lists of people who have jobs in the hierarchy.

The idea that women need to be leaders in the patriarchy was invented so that companies have a carrot to dangle to get women to work harder. I have known many women who have worked very hard to get into the hierarchy of the patriarchy.

Good for them! As for me, I don’t want your job. Don’t assume that every woman who works in real estate has the goal of being in the hierarchy.

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