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starI think that the only people who could come up with a fair rating system for real estate agents are other real estate agents so I am thinking about starting a new business.  I will create a web site where all agents can be rated so that consumers have more information and so that we can raise industry standards.

My agent rating site will be just a little different from the rest.  I have come up with a simple rating system consisting of from one to five stars:

Agents will pay $100 per star per year or pay $1000 to keep their names permanently off the site.  I will start the site by putting the names of all agents on it and giving each agent one star.

Reviews will be added to the site.  There will be 14 reviews for agents to choose from and prices will start at $25 and go up to $150.  Agents will be randomly selected to receive bad reviews but they can pay $75 to have the bad review removed for a year.

Any questions?  Didn’t think so.  Grow up folks agent reviews are inevitable and they are good for everyone especially me because I get the money.

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