50 over 50, 100 under 100, or OPN?

Should it be 50 over 50 or 100 under 100 or OPN? I am not sure it matters as long as old Realtors unite and band together and form a social club where we can meet and talk about our aches and pains and other old people issues.

Personally I like the 100 under 100 because it is more inclusive and we need to think big and be inclusive, there are people who are old at heart who are under 100 years old.  Joe Sheehan an old guy, wants to call the old Realtors club OPN.  I like his basic idea, but it looks like we are just imitating YPN which shows that we have little imagination because we are old and might die soon:

Joe Sheehan:

“I am starting the OPN (Old Professional Network). Instead of happy hours in trendy nightspots, we’re going to wear fleece athletic suits and ball caps from US Navy ships and meet at 7AM at the local McDonalds. We’ll sit at some tables in the back and drink McDonalds coffee.”

NAR is in desperate need of volunteers and since there are more older members than younger members NAR has decided to reach out to younger members because they are less likely to die soon and more likely to know how to use an iPhone so they formed YPN (Young Professionals Network).   The network encourages younger members to attend happy hours together and after they have enough to drink someone can appoint them to one of the many Realtor association committees and volunteer positions. 


Realtor associations need younger volunteers because there are more older members than younger members which is why reaching out to older members is just silly especially if the goal is to get volunteers who might not die soon.

There are other reasons why we want to reach out to younger members who are likely to live longer:

1.  Older members don’t seem like they would be easy to work with, and they don’t have that youthful enthusiasm and energy and they don’t have the right attitude because they might die soon.

2.  Older members are incapable of ‘tech savvy’ and a few have been seen using FAX machines and flip phones which holds us all back as professionals.

3.  We need to get younger members involved so that we have more younger members involved because older members will die.

4.  Since many of the volunteer positions are appointments we should get to appoint people with fewer wrinkles.  Would you want to work with someone with a lot of wrinkles who might die?

5.  People over sixty might be senile or they could die  (please see 2)

6.  NAR tried it once, and it did not work out and besides they have always done it this way. (A random sentence I threw in because it fits most organizations that have been around awhile and  I am an old woman and probably senile too)

You just have to love the NAR. While other organizations are learning to deal with an aging population or workforce NAR has moved on and found a brilliant work around.  They will work with younger people and hope that they stay young because if they age then they will be old and that is a problem because they might die and younger members will need to be recruited.

Yes Joe I will join your OPN but I don’t wear ball hats or fleece athletic suites.  How about blue jeans, a REBar camp t-shirt and a little hair spray or maybe my tinfoil hat?

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