New product to be paid for by agents

New technology has just been invented for the real estate industry. This technology is WOW1better for consumers according to the inventors.

The company that created the product plans on reaching deep into agent wallets to pay for it all now that they have decided that consumers need it.

Real estate agents who do not embrace this new product and pay for it are doing consumers a disservice. Yes I know the truth hurts.

Even though consumers are demanding the product they refuse to pay for it and the money has to come from somewhere. Agents need to open their wallets.

Webinars will be created to better explain the product and the various payment plans agents can use to buy it.

In a recent interview the owner of the company stated how thrilled he is to be one of the people who is going to be getting money from real estate agents so that he can really change the f__ked up real estate industry.

Ah yes, nothing new in this post.  Real estate agents just call this a Tuesday.

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