Advertising sales people better than real estate agents

WOW1It shouldn’t come as a surprise to me and maybe it isn’t worthy of space on the hot dog stand disguised as a blog of mass disruption but the people who sell online advertising to real estate agents do a fantastic job.

I recently saw a chart from a presentation that shows that the real estate industry spends 8.9 billion dollars in on line advertising so they can generate 6.1 billion in revenue from the leads generated. That is a negative ROI of -32% or 2.8 billion wasted dollars. Why am I not surprised?  I hope the numbers are wrong.

The wow is because I can not even wrap my little brain around the idea of 8.9 billion or the idea of just casually tossing away 2.8 billion. If you could all just give me a couple million I can retire early and maybe just travel around the county and talk about the wasted billions and what could be done with that money.

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