At last the bar has been raised!

A couple of weeks ago I was on Facebook and thought I would check on the “Raise the Bar in real estate” group. I couldn’t find the group. I consulted with a friend who is not a member of the group but who watches it and she assured me they group is still there.

I have been blocked. That makes sense but it would be more effective if I knew just what it was that I was being punished for. Could it be my pro-resistance politics? I don’t discuss politics on Facebook, I save it for Twitter.

It is possible that the way I conduct myself is so far above the “raise the bar” crowd that they were embarrassed to have me participate? That could be why I am being blocked.

The group is public. I can see everything on the page if I log out of my Facebook account. If I log into my other Facebook account, the one that is under a name I made up, I am able to join the group, but I don’t want to join.

This is what the moderator has to say about being inclusive:


Geez, what a jerk! It isn’t like I am the first person to be blocked. I have to say though it is an interesting choice to make a group public and then block people you don’t like. It would make more sense to make the group private or hidden.

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