A few thousand people are in the wrong positions


After all these years I think I have the NAR problem solved. When a member complains about the organization or makes suggestions on how it can be improved members who are NAR volunteers and on committees dismiss the comment and end the conversation by saying “get involved”

Even though these people are “involved” NAR still struggles with appearing to be one of the last bastions of total white male dominance. Even the newest programs are structured on the old system that keeps friends working with friends and family and keeps out diverse members and new ideas.

I think that the wrong people are allowed to volunteer and am asking that the few thousand members who currently volunteer step down and let some of the other 1.3 million members get involved.

If NAR wants to change they need to start with a clean slate and get fresh volunteers that are not recommended or appointed by current volunteers or employees. To keep it simple members could apply for positions and their names could be drawn from a hat if there are too many applications.

NAR volunteers are proud of what they have accomplished. Some are second third and fourth generation members and volunteers.  Some believe they possess special qualities that the rest of us do not have yet they can not change the NAR and make it a more inclusive membership organization.

I am willing to take over at any time. I think most members would feel the change within the first six months.


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