Great Big Lies

Lies Have you all noticed how the quality of the spam aimed at Realtors has gotten even more spammy this last year?  As agents struggle to make a living in this new "shifted" market everyone has a get rich quick scheme that won't work.

This email as a couple huge lies in it:

"Distress Sale University Training… Free Webinar puts REO Listings at your fingertips and Guarantees Quick Bank Approval on Short Sales!!!

Outrageous commissions from distress sales"

No one can guarantee another persons behavior, especially not the behavior of someone who works in an asset management department. It isn't one person who gets to make the decision and at least here in Minnesota there is no such thing as a quick bank approval.  There isn't anything we can do to speed the process up, if there was shot sales would happen more quickly.  The truth is they mostly don't happen at all.

As for those outrageous commissions they really are outrageous. It is a true statement, they can be outrageously low.  I mostly can't afford to sell foreclosures and I won't even show short sales any more.

If I took this course it wouldn't change the way short sales are handled.

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