A social media tip for the passive aggressive.

Hotdogstand2" A local entrepreneur erected this temporary hot dog stand on St. Patrick's day to take advantage of the crowd walking by his business on their way to the bars.  Here is St. Paul St. Patrick's day is about drinking and debauchery.  It is almost as big of a holiday as the fishing opener, but safer because people walk and drive when they are drunk instead of getting drunk and letting their children drive the boats.

I thought I would put together a simple social media tip for the passive aggressive.  You know who you are and you know this one already.  In general you can say anything to your twitter, or facebook, friends or in blog comments, emails or even text messages if you know the rules.

Write what ever you want to and just end it with a ":)" or a "LOL".  It goes something like this:

"You suck LOL" or "I can't stand you I would be surprised if your own mother loved you :)"

See?  Easy isn't it? LOL 

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