I need to blow off some steam

Dear scum sucking debt collector,

I know my client stopped paying his mortgage some time ago.  I am working very hard to sell the home he owes the money on.

No I will not make a payment to  you  on my sellers behalf so that you can keep the account open.  Yes I am sure other agents do that all the time and thanks for pointing that out to my client.

You won’t be getting a dime from me.   I have spent plenty of money on my client and worked very hard and to date he has not paid me a dime, and I will not be paid anything unless you approve the short sale and if it closes.  You asking me for money is extorsion. . . and by the way thanks for taking so much of my time.

You may be able to intimidate some real estate agents into giving you money but I am not one of them so just stop asking me.  You have a problem and I have chosen not to make it my problem.  You have several other problems that I am also able to ignore.  It must really suck to be you.

Good Luck,

T was here

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