Need some quiet time? The Google+ is for you!

I am not a people person and I like my privacy but I don’t like to miss out on social networking.  That is exactly what Google+ is for.  I can enjoy all the aspects of the social network without ever having to interact with anyone.  No human contact makes the internet better and safer too.

I can go about my day uploading photographs of all the wonderful places I go and the food that I eat, what I read and more without ever having to worry about anyone commenting or starting a conversation and best of all I can pretty much ignore everyone else’s updates and they don’t get offended.   Sone angry loners and misfits left facebook for Google+ and now I totally understand why.

Google+ is so much easier to use than Facebook because you don’t actually have to use it.  Interacting with others takes time and effort.  With Google+ I can put people in circles according to how I really feel about them and then just share my updates with the six or seven people that I actually like . . .sometimes.

If you long for solitude I highly recommend Google+ and it isn’t just for Realtors but a great place to go when you need some quiet time.

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