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I am a weenie

Yesterday I had an experience. I went onto the Realtor dot com web site and looked at my own listings. As a test I clicked on one of them and asked for more information. The email came right to me but it also went to an agent who bought a zip code so that he could get leads.

He responded to my email with a couple of phone calls but when I got free from my numerous responsibilities and had a moment free I called him back. I asked him for information about the house and he told me he could answer most any question which is just wonderful because he has never seen it.

I let him know that I was the listing agent and I proceeded to try and set up a meeting with him so that I can recruit him as an agent. I just loved the way he kept trying to contact the “lead”.  I learned that he is also a real estate broker and that is why he was also trying to recruit me.

We ended up talking for a long time and it is possible that we will be able to do some work together.

I am going to continue to inquire about my own listings, and those of my company so that I can network with more local agents. I am going to mine the real estate portals for motivated agents. I can help these agents get more business. I would like to bring on three more agents before the end of the year.

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