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WOW1I have this idea for the real estate industry that could be a real game changer. We could use the data in the RPR data base and build an app around it so that anyone who wants to see any house could click on a link and they could schedule a showing without even having to have a reason for seeing the home and without having to answer a bunch of silly questions like “what is your name?”

Picture yourself on a Sunday afternoon with nothing to do. You could go look at some houses. Haven’t you ever been curious about homes in your area? Aren’t you tired of waiting for them to come on the market just so you can go to an open house or contact one of those nosey real estate agents who may ask questions or even try to sell you something?

No one is providing this basic service but consumers are demanding it.  Anyone who wants to see the inside of anyone else’s home should be able to do so at any time. We need to stop treating real estate like it is private when it is more like a public utility and people have a right to know what a house looks like and how much it is worth and what kind of shower curtain the owner prefers.

Looking at houses should be fun and anyone should be able to do it anytime they want to. Real estate should be for everyone all the time. Just imagine, any house, anytime, no questions asked. Such a simple idea!

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