Listen up ladies

pink hatI never imagined I would be writing something like this on the blog of mass disruption cleverly disguised as a hot dog stand but I am because I can.

Listen up ladies. I know you think there need to be more woman in leadership roles in the real estate industry but I don’t think you understand leadership. You may be ignoring women leaders.

What you really want is for more of the men who are in charge to appoint woman to positions in real estate companies that are called leadership roles. You also want the men who run the companies who name the best leaders and most influential every year to name more woman.

Ladies don’t buy into system that men invented and don’t let it control your future.

When I first started in the work world a few decades ago I actually believed that woman could continue working in traditional companies and get equal pay and leadership positions. It hasn’t happened yet and so I personally decided about 15 years ago that I needed to stop wasting my time trying to earn a living in a mans world.

Woman become leaders when we start our own companies and when we give back to the community . . . you know the huge community outside of Realtor associations . . by volunteering and taking on leadership roles. There isn’t anything wrong with being the chairwoman of a board of directors for a non-profit. You may never see you name in lights but you will be able to use your natural leadership ability to help others.

crownIf you are truly a leader others will follow you no matter what job title a man or a group of men give you. Having a job title doesn’t make a man or a woman a leader.  It is just a job title. You will know you are a leader is people follow you and sometimes you will feel it when they take you seriously.

One of the most important things a woman can do as a leader is set a good example. She can also help others. Traditional male leadership roles are more about being the boss. People generally don’t like bossy woman which is why men don’t like to appoint us to leadership roles.

Please ladies get on with your lives and stop competing for positions that don’t matter. Start your own business and your own company. Work hard to achieve your full potential and don’t let anyone tell you who you are.  If you are a leader lead. Learn how to use the skills and abilities you have rather than trying to be more like the male leaders. You will be happier and healthier and possibly even wealthier.

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